How yoga can make your relationship stronger?


You’ll be surprised to know that partner yoga or couple yoga that we think is the urge of today’s catastrophic urban life actually has its roots in ancient tantric and yogic lineages.  At present, the USA yoga market is a 16.5 Million industry and in the last 5 years, couples yoga has increased in 16.9% of steady annual rate.

But, why this hike?

Partner yoga has been medically proved to be one of the most comprehensive physical wellness methods that enhance mutual communication, accelerate endurance and stretching, improves balance and posture, deepens spiritual connection and to wrap up, increases the overall excitement of the relationship.

Yoga improves relationship by letting partners feel each other’s need, emotional along with physical and mental transformation and growth deeper. If you’ve ever wondered how to stimulate your spiritual bonding with physical proximity; here is a bunch of reasons why yoga and relationships are BFFs!


  • Increased overall satisfaction


In 2017, 526 partner-yoga practitioners in the USA have been interviewed regarding what direct effect yoga and relationships have on their daily life. 64% of the women and 55% of the men have said that performing yoga together has increased satisfaction in both sexual pleasure and daily communication. The study has also suggested that the couples who have practiced yoga together have grown better attention span. Inhaling and exhaling together while coordinating the poses actually sends the signal of mutual satisfaction to the cerebrum of the brain.


  • Improved intimacy in sexual life


Yoga relationships are the perfect missing link between 5000 years old Indus-Sarasvati civilization and modern physiotherapeutic touch to it. Most of the partner yoga targets the “Mula Bandha” area that is the perineum, the pelvic floor and the root of the spine. Stimulation of this area has a direct contribution to the increase in libido. Engaging in “Mula Bandha” posture will help you in better orgasm and increases pelvic muscle flexibility, balance and strength.


  • Works on better communication and trust


One of the best things that happen in yoga and love is, you are compelled to constantly depend and to lean towards your partner while listening to each other’s instruction incessantly. This action psychologically increases mutual trust and support while communicating only with gesture and rhythmic breathing without any verbal communication can actually bring two people closer in long-term; British Psychological Society believes.


  • Works as an anxiety and stress reliever


If you can start your day without any baggage of your previous day’s bitter experience, nothing will be a better start of the day than this. Online Dating Sites to Find Love with ‘security and excellence protocol’ keeps running various researches on different methods of making everyday life easier and brighter. Yoga has proved to be one of the best long term medicines for stress and anxiety. Go for slow motion couple yoga followed by meditation. Deep stretch yoga poses are the best for relieving your muscles.

Also, instant yoga is the cool of today. When you and your partner both are in stress, simply holding hands and doing some breathing exercises will connect you spiritually, calm down your entire nervous system.


  • Increase and intensify the sensation of touch


When two people physically touch each other, an ‘electronic connection’ is set between them; multiple scientific studies have proved the fact. Laura Guerrero (Close Encounters: Communication in Relationships: co-author) has said that we feel more comfortable with people with whom we have physical touch. Yoga and relationships should ideally start with light, subtle physical touch and should be elevated to therapeutic touch. Warm physical touch helps in lowering the blood pressure level and increases the secretion of oxytocin, the hormone responsible for the romantic feelings.


  • Keeps up the interest and fun


Practicing yoga can be one of the most fruitful and quality time spending with your partner. While trying to build something constructive together, you transcend what you were actually doing and indulge in laughing, sharing emotions and fun together. In this fast cosmopolitan life where we hardly get time to spend with our family member; this is the best way to gift them with the same.


  • Relieves ego factor


The most important feature of partner yoga is to setting one’s self free from within and to completely immerse into the partner’s personality. This brilliantly helps individuals to come out from their own ego issues and to think from the couple’s perspective. Changing postures alternatively on the basis of who’s going to take the lead is a good tip to keep us the balance of the relationship.

“Don’t move the way fear makes you move. Move the way love makes you move. Move the way joy makes you move.” – Osho

To wrap up, where physical wellbeing meets psychological proximity is called partner yoga. Still waiting for the perfect match? Meet your soulmate online and get healthier, shinier and happier together!