How To Reduce Your Stress Of Moving?

Reduce Your Stress

Moving nowadays is not a matter of stress but take it as a source of joy and excitement. Once you decide to shift, you should be filled with happiness. No worries should surround you. It is possible only through proper planning.

Pen down all your important things before shifting. And then act as per your plan. If you take each and every step as per your strategy you will never be tensed.

Let’s read the write-up below that gives you key points to reduce your stress during relocation.

Reduce Your Stress

Ways To Reduce Stress During Shifting:

First and foremost thing for a relaxed shifting does not burden up yourself and divide the work. Either seek professional help or distribute it among the family members? Make a checklist of things to be done before shifting like

  • Sorting the things to be carried along.
  • Furniture unfolding.
  • Getting the packing boxes.
  • Ordering things for a new place if any.
  • Selling of old items.
  • Donation of the things not in use.
  • Planning the packing and getting the help.
  • Hiring Movers.
  • Book a date and time for shifting.
  • Loading and Unloading

Now paste this list in a place in your living room which is accessible to everyone. Write the name of all the family members in front of the task allotted and the deadline to be completed. Each member is supposed to do their work and there should be one supervisor to keep the check if work is been done on time or not. Do not shift the task on the other day, it may result in piling up of things.

You should start the work minimum 8 to 10 weeks ago from your shifting date. Nothing should be done hurriedly. You should have sufficient time in your hand. Also, remember to keep a week extra in your hand. It means all your packing should be completed a week before. So you get the time to make certain important arrangement in your new place also. Also refer to the website tulsa counseling, that can help with many real issues.

  • Start visiting your new place a few days prior to shifting.
  • Get a survey done for the locks of all the rooms and main entry, it is essential from the safety point of view.
  • Check for water availability, water leakages if any or the connection status of taps and water in all the washrooms. Get the fixing and repair done if it is required.
  • Get the electricity connection. If it is available beforehand get the lights, fans and necessary appliances connected. Else you may have to hustle at the time of shifting.
  • Get the LPG connection in your kitchen. And the necessary kitchen arrangements.
  • Get the regular house cleaning done 2 to 3 days before your shifting date. Make sure you don’t have to do it once you are already in place with your luggage. It may be really hectic on the day of shifting.
  • You may shift your bedding and necessary grocery and sanitary items a day before your shifting. It will help you relax on the day you shift.
  • Never plan to cook on the first day you are into your home. Please take a break for that day from the kitchen. Order the food from outside and have fun with your family.
  • If you are a party person, you may also arrange for the housewarming party but of course with the professional help and not with any stress on you.

Final Words:

If you follow these simple tips given in the blog above, you can never say that moving was a hectic task for you rather it will build memories for you and your family. You can say you designed your dream home together.

Image Credits: Reduce Your Stress from Leon T/Shutterstock

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