How To Increase Semen Volume

Sex is all about making yourself and your partner feel better. In this article, we will be talking about personal issues lots of men face i.e. less semen volume.According to a recent anonymous survey among 1,000 participants atLockthecock.co.uk, 164 men aged 20-50 said they had felt self conscious about their ejaculation volume in the past.Just aserectile function declines with age, ejaculation volume generally follows a similar course, Dr. Andy Stellakis explained. If you think that, the load you are ejaculating is less and fear your partner will consider you emasculated do not worry as we have a few tips below to increase semen volume.

What is the normal amount of ejaculation?

The ejaculation volume differs from man to man. However, on an average a man expel 1.5- 5 ml of semen each time he ejaculates. In addition, the amount he pumps out also depends on his age. Semen volume is maximum in mid-thirties, and starts decreasing after the age of 50.

Semen volume and fertility of men is no where related unless it is low. A little volume of semen have millions of sperm and just one sperm is needed to make a baby.

Then why guys care so much about shooting a big load?

Maybe adult movies are responsible for that. But males need to understand that porn movies are exaggerated and unrealistic and it’s not worth comparing yourself to a script that is shot with different camera angles and then edited several times to make it appear larger the norm.

It is also required to understand that ejaculation in men and orgasm in both male and female are two different phenomenon. Orgasm is psychophysical response whereas ejaculation is a physiological response and may happen even without orgasm.

Some men believe that ejaculating more will provide greater sexual satisfaction to him and his partner, but the truth is bonding with your partner, foreplay, pleasurable touching and duration of the sexual activity is more to do with enhanced pleasure and satisfaction than the volume of semen.

Still, if you are concerned about semen volume you need to acknowledge that certain factors such as diet, smoking, heredity, all over health determines semen volume. 

If the semen volume is below 1.5 ml per ejaculation, it is low. A few possible causes are:

1. Deficiencies of vitamins – If you are not taking adequate vitamins zinc and selenium through your daily diet, ejaculating load may suffer. If you want to increase semen volume, better include foods rich in zinc (poultry, lentils and beef) and foods rich in selenium (fish, beans, nuts and seeds) in your diet.

2. Frequent sex – If you ejaculate daily or more the natural store of semen lowers. On the other hand, abstinence increase semen volume.

3. Low level of testosterone Ejaculatory load pumped out may be less if the level of testosterone is less.  Also low level of testosterone causes weight gain, loss of sexual drive and fatigue. This condition may be a result of certain health conditions such as diabetes, thyroid issues, kidney damage, obesity and specific medication.

4. Obesity – Yes, gaining extra pounds, having a BMI of 30.o or more can lower the ejaculation load.

5. Dry orgasm – There is also a condition known as retrograde ejaculation or dry orgasm that affects a few males where semen instead of travelling out on reaching climax is shot back into the bladder.

6. Certain dugs– Certain drugs such as antidepressants may also be responsible for low semen volume.

Releasing less semen does not prevent you from having an orgasm. You can still experience the same satisfaction and sensations. However, if ejaculation is very little or absent see your doctor.

A few things you can do to increase semen volume are:

  • Exercise daily for 45 minutes.
  • Eat foods rich in antioxidant such as green leafy vegetables, and fruits. Also, get enough vitamin D. The best way to do this is to expose your naked body at least your legs and arms to the morning sun for 5-10 minutes daily. And, yes do not forget to include foods rich in selenium and zinc as discussed above.
  • Practice yoga and meditation
  • Lose weight
  • Get adequate sleep because both excessive sleep and lack of sleep may lower semen volume.
  • Give 1-2 days gap between ejaculations.
  • Quit tobacco
  • Avoid excessive consumption of alcohol.
  • Prolong heat exposure may also cause damage so avoid soaking yourself in the hot tub for long.
  • Wear loose cotton underwear.
  • Avoid eating too much soy as it contains isoflavones that may decrease the quantity and quality of semen.

A little change in diet, lifestyle and habit improves the semen quantity and quality. However, the most important thing you need to do is to stop worrying and associating load of ejaculation with masculinity. Remember masculinity is not in semen but in mind. So be confidence.