How to Build Muscle safe and Fast

build muscle

With proper knowledge and the right path towards it, gaining a good muscular body safely and quickly is not an issue. Building a good muscular body that fits nice and tight to your favorite T-shirt is not that hard at all. It is possible with some hard training and using the best legal products for bulking.

However, it may become dangerous if you take the wrong decisions to gain weight faster and through improper means. Here a question must have popped into your mind that; Is it possible to achieve without having any side effects. Well, No it is not impossible but yes, it does require a lot of smart thinking. It is not impossible to Gain Muscles Sooner but with proper knowledge and most importantly hard work.

One other thing is that gaining muscle faster can cause you to exercise in wrong way and to lift weights in an inappropriate manner. This can cause some serious problems and injuries including muscle damage, fatigue or muscle soreness as well.

For cases like these, its better to adopt muscle percussion therapy time to time which not only fight muscle soreness but also speeds up the muscle recovery and boost the workout performance as well. Exogun Dreampro is one of the best and recommended percussive therapy devices that you can use for this purpose.

To gain muscles to a specific body part that may or may not increase its size in a given period one must focus on making the body stronger, as increasing the strength of the body enables it to recruit muscle fibres that contribute mostly to how your physique will look. Training for strength also makes your goal of increasing the muscle size easy to achieve. After analysing your body in the starting days of the gym, choose three parts that you want to see grow at a higher rate. One should be upper body push; one upper body pull and one lower body. This planned way of exercise will help you achieve your goals in less time and with a little less effort.

Most beginners can expect to see noticeable muscle growth within eight weeks of starting a new training routine at the gym, and more experienced lifters within three to four weeks,

When you have started your training, it is better to go slow at the start. Muscles swell in the start, which is a natural phenomenon and then they go back to their regular form within a couple of days. After that, if weightlifting and exercise routine is followed properly then you will see a real growth in the muscles. 

It is of much importance to start your gym with an expert beside you to train at least for six months. After that, you can think of continuing on your own. Nevertheless, you will need a piece of expert advice even then because it is not only to have knowhow about the exercises to perform daily, but it is also very important to know about the kind of diet that will continue with the lifting routine.


 – Diet has its importance in gaining muscles for a weight lifter or even for someone looking to have a good physique. Without a proper diet plan, nothing is gained at the gym by only lifting the weight. To grow your muscles properly and with a faster rate than usual it is very much important to keep a balanced protein level in your diet plan with the exercises and it keeps changing with time and with changing exercises.

Eat meat. Meat should become an essential part of your diet when trying to gain mussels. It is a vital source of gaining protein. Chicken breast for example recommended by most of the nutritionists to bodybuilders for protein intake and with that many other prescriptions as well.

 – With time, you will need to increase your lifting and decrease your cardio routine if you are looking to get fast results at increasing your muscles. It is important to start with a small number of wraps of every exercise but with time, you will need to increase those wraps, sets, and weight as well.

– Try to do each muscle two to three times a week. This schedule will help in boosting up the Muscle Growth Rate, it will require some extra effort than normal but gaining muscles quickly and safely is not a normal task itself.

 – Make a habit of hitting supersets at the end. This will provide a boost to the muscles as they are pumped from different directions at the same time. Make a practice of doing different supersets at the end of your course every day.

Get more Sleep than usual. Sleep plays a vital role in building your muscles safer and faster because while you sleep, anabolic hormones like testosterone get released from your body that is vital for muscle growth. Fewer sleeping hours may decrease the rate of release of these hormones and can cause your muscle growth rate to slow or even stop.

Supplements usage can also boost your rate of putting on muscles but this requires the very strict following of your diet and training plan. Diet and training must be according to thesupplements that you intake or otherwise you could face side effects. 

Protein Shakes at the time of exercise may also boost up your rate of gaining muscles safely without any side effects. It is a great way of sneaking in a few carbs and calories without having a meal. This will boost up your energy so that you can train harder than normal and gain muscles faster than normal rate.

Make the off days count. These are the days in which most of your muscle growth takes place. Most people lower their diet on the off days; instead, they should increase their diet these days. It is good to decrease the carb intake on off days but it is important not to decrease the protein level and also calories should not go down below 500 calories. 

Know your muscle gain. Keeping a track of weight when you are losing it is as essential as keeping a track of it when you are trying to gain it. Putting on muscles is to be kept under observation so that the training intensity and the diet plan could be changed accordingly. Monitoring the weight, every week, or twice a week is essential to get an insight into whether the training and diet plan are serving their purpose or not.

Gaining muscles is a bit slow and risky process as it involves heavyweights and hours of training but by following a few steps it can be made faster and also safer. All these steps have equal importance in the process. If a single of them is taken lightly then it could ruin the efforts put in all the others.