How Paul Kraus Beat Mesothelioma (Without Mainstream Medicine)


What happens when someone receives a terminal cancer diagnosis?

They begin to think about chemotherapy and other conventional cancer treatments. But when you’re diagnosed with mesothelioma, the idea of conventional cancer treatment doesn’t bring about much comfort. The reality is that if you have mesothelioma the chances are you will die.

Studies on chemotherapy treatment revealed most mesothelioma sufferers will only live for between 12 and 18 months.

So how did one man break the mold?

Paul Kraus – World’s Longest Mesothelioma Survivor

Paul Kraus is the world’s longest mesothelioma survivor, after surviving for only twenty years. This is remarkable because another study revealed how mesothelioma patients usually live no more than five years.

For Paul to continue to survive is nothing short of a medical miracle. Part of this is down to the fact that Paul didn’t go down the traditional medical route. He opted for alternative cancer treatments.

How Paul Survived Mesothelioma for So Long

The core of Paul’s survival was diet. He adopted a diet that consisted mainly of fruits and vegetables while avoiding greasy and fatty foods entirely.

He worked in collaboration with his doctors, and he also incorporated therapies, such as Vitamin C therapy. Due to his story, work into so-called cancer superfoods has continued to this day.

You can find out more about some of the different cancer superfoods available today here:

Another area which Paul focused on was on keeping his body physically fit. He didn’t allow himself to get lazy. This included regular daily exercise, yoga, meditation, and lots of rest.

This lifestyle kept his body fit and healthy, while at the same time ensuring that his mental state remained positive. It’s well-known that optimistic people are more likely to survive their illnesses because they have a superior state of mind.

Does Paul Believe in Conventional Cancer Treatments?

Paul did undergo a number of conventional cancer therapies. What he doesn’t advocate is relying entirely on them. He believes that the impact of diet and well-being are much more significant.

It should also be mentioned that Paul never tried to treat his mesothelioma without medical help. He worked with his doctors the entire time to ensure that what he was doing was safe.

And he recommends the same for other cancer patients.

Inspiring Others to Survive

The important thing to remember is that Paul didn’t cure his mesothelioma, he merely extended his lifespan well beyond what is normally he expected. He’s living a happy, healthy life with mesothelioma right now.

He believes in giving back and that’s why his Surviving Mesothelioma site is so important for him. This is his base for helping others to survive cancer. You can find out more about it here:

The impact of his work regarding inspiring other cancer sufferers has allowed him to appear on major news channels, like ABC, and writing a book on how you, too, can survive cancer.

Last Word – You Can Do It

What Paul has always emphasized is that he is no one special. Anyone who puts their mind to it can improve their life expectancies when they have been diagnosed with cancer.

Do you know anyone with cancer who could benefit from Paul’s story?