Healthy Ways for Seniors to Stay in Shape


It is very important to exercise whatever age you are, however, the risk of developing certain diseases or disabilities tends to increase as you get older.

Regularly exercising can help treat many chronic conditions. This particularly benefits people with issues like heart disease, diabetes and arthritis, and also helps people with balance problems, walking difficulties and high blood pressure. Listed are five healthy ways for a senior to stay in shape.

Taking Walks or Hikes

Taking a walk or a light hike is a really good way to return to exercising. Whether itís a stroll around the block, a tranquil walk on the beach or a brisk but light nature hike, whatever the type of walk, they all get your heart pumping and lungs working at a faster than normal pace. In case you suffer from some sort of known medical issue or just want to be safe in case you unknowingly overwork yourself, a medical alert system can be used to help protect you and put your mind at rest. Medical alert systems allow you to quickly access help. These can be effective in emergencies.


Once the summer hits, there is no excuse to stay inside. To help maintain some of your independence, get yourself outside and enjoy the lovely weather. Gardening allows very light exercise and can help keep your joints loose with the constant movement. If you require to be on your knees for long periods of time, it is advised that you invest in some knee pads to help cushion them. If you struggle to bend down or get back up from a low position, then you can invest in some tables to put potted plants, fruit and/or vegetables on, or you can purchase raised soil beds for larger and more variety vegetation. As well as the exercise, growing and consuming your own fruit and veg provides many health benefits.

Senior Activity or Sports Classes

Local community centers will provide senior activities throughout the week. Activities on offer usually involve things like Tai Chi, dance and exercise classes, yoga and golf. As well as being great for your physical health, being able to meet and socialize with other people is also great for you mentally. Loneliness is a common problem many older people face. Being lonely can lead to depression, which can trigger other illnesses. So, as well as staying in shape, you can look after your mental health.

Water Aerobic Classes or Swimming

Swimming and wateraerobicsarea fantastic way for senior people with joint pain to exercise. Being submerged in water is extremely easy-going on your joints and it encourages you to use all your bodyís main muscle groups. Swimming helps to decrease the risk of osteoporosis as ithelps to improve bone density. The risk of injury in a pool is also very low (as long as you can swim and arenít going too deep into the water). Balancing exercises can be performed without the risk of falling over.

Participating in Local Events

Getting yourself involved in local events, attending them or by volunteering your time with them, is a very productive way to stay active. It also has the social benefits involved with getting involved with your neighborhood, helping people and getting away from home. It might even lead to you discovering an additional interest by trying something new. Different volunteer opportunities always arise,so have a look at what is happening in your local area.

So, no matter what hobby or activity you decide to get involved in, they all provide great health benefits. Just make sure that you know your physical capabilities and that you donít push yourself too far. Be safe and get out there!

Image Credits: Seniors from /Shutterstock