Everything you want to know about hair removal procedures

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Every woman has to deal with the painful process of removing her body or facial hair in order to feel and look feminine. Methods such as sugar wax, regular wax or using razors are painful, unpractical, and take a lot of time leaving your skin dry and sensible which makes you hate the moment when you have to prepare your body for summer in order to be able to wear certain clothing or swimming suits. However, laser hair removal procedures have become extremely popular among women all over the world because of the numerous and revolutionary advantages they bring in the beauty trends. Apart from the fact that getting a laser hair removal procedure is a convenient method of removing your facial and body hair because it is fast and only brings a minimal discomfort, it also leaves your skin looking incredibly smooth and silky overcoming in efficiency any other method such as bleaching, waxing, razors or electrolysis. Read below all the essential tips and tricks every woman considering to remove her body and facial hair with a laser procedure should know.

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The pros and cons of laser hair removal procedures


  • Even if the laser hair removal does not get rid of your body or facial hair forever, it does substantially reduce the hair growth and most patients even have permanent hair loss after a specific number of procedures depending on their type of hair;
  • One of the pros of the laser hair removal is the fact that both large and small areas of your body can be treated in a very short time since each pulse of the laser takes only a fraction of second and can treat many hairs at the same time;
  • No more pain! Even if using razors sounds like a painless method to remove your hair, the risk to harm your skin is incredibly high because you can cut yourself incredibly easy. Moreover, using razors for a long time will only thicken your hairs which will become unaesthetic. Meanwhile, laser hair removal gets progressively less painful while the procedures go on, plus the technicians who execute them numb the area of your body using ice before and after the treatment;
  • The process is safe for removing hair from all areas of your body such as legs, arms, armpits, bikini area, chest, and back. However, when it comes to your hair the area close to your eyes is not a safe place to get the treatment for hair removal.

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  • One of the cons of the hair removal procedures is the fact that you need to get multiple procedures until you see a final result. However, the number of procedures needed can vary from each person to another depending on the hair color and hair thickness.
  • If the procedures are not done by a professional technician you might get scars and burns and the whole experience might be incredibly uncomfortable and unsatisfying. Which is why, when choosing a place to get your body and facial hair removed with laser procedures, you should not think about saving money and go to a specialist such as the ones from IGBeauty laser hair removal clinic who has the necessary experience and knowledge to help you get satisfying results.

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  • The color of your body and facial hair might determine the results which you are going to get at the end of the laser hair removal procedures due to the fact that blonde, grey or white hair does not respond incredibly well to the treatment because of the lack of pigment in the hair.

Essential doís and doníts before and after laser hair removal procedures

  1. Before getting a laser hair removal procedure, you should consider shaving the area 24h prior to the treatment because shaving the same day with the treatment leaves your skin sensible and irritated which can lead to an uncomfortable reaction to the procedure;

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  1. Before and after getting the procedure, you need to stay away from sun exposure at least six weeks because not only that the sun exposure can reduce the efficiency of the laser hair removal procedure, but it can also lead to complications after the treatment. If, however, you cannot protect yourself from sun exposure for such a long time, using a sunscreen of SPF 30 is a must;


  1. Before you start the laser treatment for your body and facial hair, you need to go to a consultation with a technician who can check whether your health conditions are meeting the requirements to make you a good candidate or not. No matter how much you wish to get the treatment because of its efficiency and convenience, you need to be aware of the fact that your good health is the most important.

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  1. You need to pay a lot of attention and inform the technician performing the procedures about any possible sign of affection, change of medication, or a painful side-effect of the procedures;


  1. After the laser hair removal procedures have been completed, during the healing phase, you need to be incredibly considerate about the skincare of the area which has been treated. This means that you are not allowed to wear tight fitting clothing and that you should absolutely not rub, scratch it, or shave it. Moreover, you need to be incredibly considerate about keeping the area moist by applying Aloe Vera gel whenever you notice it is dry.


  1. Avoid taking long hot baths or showers, saunas of swimming in strong chlorinated water during and after the procedures;


When thinking about using laser hair removal procedures to remove your facial and body hair and prepare your body for the summer, you need to consider the fact that you should start getting the treatment early before the hot weather comes so that the sun exposure does not interfere with your procedures. However, even if it is a hair removal method which has numerous benefits, you need to be considerate about the way you take care of your skin before and after the treatment to obtain satisfying results and to avoid any complication or infection.

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