CBD Capsules and Feeling High?

CBD Capsules

CBD oil capsules are definitely one of the most commonly used forms of CBD. Packing many of the same health benefits as CBD drops, capsules are an excellent way to take CBD on a regular basis.

Many brands launch their own range of CBD capsules alongside their CBD oils, using similar ingredients for similar effects. CBD capsules are mainly used by those who need a quick, discreet, and hassle-free CBD solution.

CBD capsules can be made using CBD derived from both hemp and cannabis plants, which one is used will very much depend on the brand you choose. The use of cannabis plants to create CBD capsules often leads to confusion about whether CBD capsules can leave you feeling high.

The prospect of experiencing psychoactive effects from CBD capsules can put some people off, giving them a try and benefiting from their natural health benefits. So, letís take a closer look at CBD capsules and find out whether it is possible to feel high from taking CBD capsules.

What Are CBD capsules?

CBD capsules look and are used just like regular supplements and medical capsules. Simply pop a CBD capsule into your mouth, swallow, and you are set for the day ahead. The simplicity of CBD capsules is one of their major selling points.

Each brand uses a very slightly different combination of ingredients to manufacture its CBD capsules, but in general, capsules are typically made using minimal ingredients. Some capsules can be made with as few as three ingredients, as is the case with Provacanís CBD capsules.

CBD capsules made from only a few ingredients are considered to be one of the most natural ways to consume CBD. Itís common to find full-spectrum CBD in capsules, providing an abundant cannabinoid and terpene profile.

The term full-spectrum refers to CBD oil that has not had any of the plantís natural cannabinoids or terpenes removed. Many people prefer full-spectrum CBD as all of the different cannabinoids are thought to work alongside each other, producing more powerful effects.

The use of full-spectrum CBD is also one of the reasons that many people worry about experiencing psychoactive (high) effects when using CBD oil. THC is the main cannabinoid associated with the feeling of being high and is found within cannabis plants.

So, what exactly are the differences between CBD and THC?


CBD and THC are the two most common cannabinoids with both being found within cannabis plants. While CBD is linked to a wide range of health benefits, THC is known for its psychoactive effects that leave you feeling high.

Different cannabis strains have different ratios of CBD to THC. Plants that have a high THC content tend to be used in recreational cannabis products that are purposely designed to get you high. Those strains with a higher CBD ratio, on the other hand, are more likely to be used in health and dietary supplement products.

CBD is the leading cannabinoid associated with both hemp and cannabis plantís health benefits and is the base for all CBD products. CBD can be used on its own, known as CBD isolate, or alongside the other cannabinoids found within the plant resulting in full-spectrum CBD.

Can CBD Capsules Get You High?

Manufacturers have to follow strict laws and regulations when creating CBD products. In the USA, for example, CBD products cannot contain more than 0.3% while in the UK the limit is even lower at 0.2%.

The reason for there being such low limits when it comes to THC content is so that even when CBD products do contain THC, the quantity is so low that it is not able to cause psychoactive effects. In practical terms, this means that even if you are using CBD capsules that contain full-spectrum CBD derived from cannabis plants, they provide such a small amount of THC that it has little to no effect.

Many brands opt to use hemp plants as opposed to cannabis plants. Premium Jane, for example, uses hemp plants to create the full-spectrum CBD that goes into their capsules. By using hemp plants, brands are able to guarantee their capsules are completely free from THC even when using full-spectrum CBD oil.

The hemp plant naturally produces a wide range of healthy cannabinoids such as CBD and CBA. However, they do not produce THC in the same way that cannabis plants do.

For anyone who is worried about experiencing psychoactive effects as a result of CBD capsules, it is best to stick with those brands that use hemp plants. Premium Jane CBD capsules are one of the most popular options available online. Premium Jane uses its own full-spectrum CBD formula derived from hemp plants along with natural ingredients to create premium CBD capsules.