Blue Cross Blue Shield- Overview on Insurance Coverage


Once in a lifetime, everyone experience a situation when one needs the help of someone to depend upon. Sometimes, it happens that because of the unforeseen circumstances, like medical disease, car accident or funds for rehabilitation of drug abuse, the situation gets worse and you look for insurance policies to bring out from this situation. Blue cross blue shield is one such insurance service, which provides different insurance coverage for different conditions and the popular among all the services is its treatment services for addiction and rehabilitation. With the help of the insurance service, one can protect his or her loved ones from alcohol and drug abuse.

Many individuals go through a phase when the effect of alcohol is such that rehabilitation is required and to bear the expenses of the rehab Centre they go for insurance services. In this article, you will get to know various things about insurance services.

Introduction to blue cross blue shield

Generally, the blue cross blue shield insurance service provides you with much coverage related to health and medical care. But in this article, you will get to know about its drug abuse rehabilitation coverage. For alcohol and drug abuse rehabilitation, you will get various plans like bronze, silver, gold, and platinum. Each of the mentioned plans is categorized according to the costs. The lowest plan is of bronze in which the monthly costs will be lower and it will come with high deductibles, whereas platinum is expensive but with low deductibles.

The policies vary according to the treatment center you are going for rehab. Also, the coverage is impacted by the premises, in which one receives treatment like it could be physician office, hospital or treatment facility.

Benefits of blue cross blue shield insurance

  1. Rehab is cover under the policy

The best thing about the insurance policy of blue cross blue shield services is that the cost of the drug abuse rehabilitation will be covered. Also, it has expertly trained staff of addiction experts, who are willing to help you navigate through the complications of the policy. If you need further queries you can also call their customer care services.

 2.      The rates are minimal

There are many insurance companies which charge a heavy amount for the insurance cover they provide but in the insurance coverage of the blue cross, a minimal amount of money will be charged. Under strict regulations of various governments, insurance companies cannot raise premiums for patients. An only genuine charge is taken from the customers.

 3.      Same treatment

Under the regulation act of insurance coverage, drug abuse and alcohol rehabilitation will be treated the same way as the other illnesses are treated and no extra charge will be taken from the customers for pre-existing conditions. The treatment you get for drug abuse will also depend upon the plan you have taken for the particular treatment.

4.       Cover the addiction treatment full cost

Once you take the insurance policy of the platinum category then you will receive the multiple benefits from the same as it will cover all the coverage from drug rehabilitation to any other drug abuse. Till you donít get well you will be provided the insurance and only genuine charges will be taken from you and no extra charge will be taken.

5.      Coverage for detoxification

Those who are seeking treatment for an addiction problem have to go first through a medical detox process. Your blue shield insurance covers the medical detox process also so you will not have to pay separately to avail these services. According to the plan and extent to which you need the medical detox, the services will be provided to you.

Types of addiction services covered under the insurance policy

There are various insurance services covered under the policy of blue cross and some of them are-

  • Residential treatment
  • Medication for detox
  • One on one counseling
  • Outpatient treatment
  • Group therapy
  • Recovery support services and education
  • Counseling sessions about the effects of drug abuse are also taken.

Things to consider while buying insurance:

All the intricacies about the insurance policy are covered in the above paragraph; however, there are certain things which have to be considered before buying the insurance and these are as follows-

Claim process

The first thing which you should look for is the claim process, it is always said in the insurance industry that the simpler the claim process, the faster the settlement of the claims and it becomes better for the insured.

Selecting the insurance amount

While selecting the insurance plan one should select the amount of the insurance wisely. Similar kind of thing is seen when you are going for the blue cross insurance scheme. According to the needs of the individual particular plan should be selected because then only you will be able to take the benefits from that particular policy and plan. Make sure that you chose a sum insured which wonít fall short in case of an emergency.

Free medical check-up

there is some insurance policy which charges you separately for the medical checkup so donít go for such kind of policies instead look for those insurance policy which gives you a free medical checkup, this step would save your money for which you are paying extra unnecessarily. Many reputed insurance companies provide you checkups free.

Pre hospitalization charge

Generally, it happens that when you go for treatment in any treatment center you get medicines and specialized doctor services from that particular center. You are hospitalized and after sometime some expenses occur, which includes various things like follow up with the doctor and certain prescribed medicines provided for the particular treatment which could be anything like drug abuse or alcohol rehabilitation. So you are required to ensure that insurance plan should cover all the aspects so that you donít have to pay extra for the medical services.


Blue cross blue shield insurance coverage for alcohol and drug abuse rehabilitation will surely guide you in the future and give you the maximum benefits for meeting your requirements.