Benefits Of Maintaining Good Personal Hygiene

Personal Hygiene

Smelling stinky isnít the worst consequence of poor hygiene.  When you donít keep up with a proper hygiene regimen, you expose yourself to an elevated risk of illness, depression, and other troublesome issues. 

You likely donít have to be convinced that cleanliness is a good quality to maintain, but itís always nice to know why we do the things we do.  Take a moment to check out a few of the benefits of maintaining good personal hygiene, and enjoy your next shower with just a little more knowledge. 

Better physical health

Good hygiene practices can work wonders for preserving your physical health.  Washing your hands regularly can save you from some gnarly illnesses, most notably the novel coronavirus. 

Every time you touch a surface, sneeze, use the restroom, or clean up after a baby/pet, your hands can pick up some potentially harmful organisms.  Proper hand washing habits will save you a lot of trouble and doctor trips. 

Healthier personal relationships

Itís a lot harder to get closer to those around you when you donít keep yourself clean.  Smelling of body odor is a natural deterrent to making new friends. 

Your partner may not enjoy kissing you quite as much if you donít brush your teeth regularly.  Keeping a clean shave or trimmed beard will be appreciated in the personal and professional realm of life.  There are social consequences to poor hygiene.

Boosted self confidence

Poor hygiene can leave you feeling undone and unfresh.  Being dirty can also cause you to suffer unnecessary discomfort, irritability, and anxiety. 

Shaving, showering, and other personal hygiene activities can help make you feel more confident and energized.  When you feel like youíre presenting your best self to the world, you present much more vivacious about your path. 

Helps to relax pain

Chronic pain can be made more bearable with a hot bath.  Adding epsom salt can make it even more beneficial to bathe.  Good hygiene is good self care, and self care is crucial to living a happy life. 

Proper dental health will save you some pain in life too.  When you donít take good care of your teeth, you put yourself at risk for developing gingivitis, gum infections, and other painful issues in your mouth. 

Preserves the youthful glow of your skin

Not properly exfoliating and cleansing your skin can lead to trouble.  The action of scrubbing your body helps boost blood flow to the skin, giving your cells a lively boost. 

Itís important to remember that your skin is an organ, and you have to take the necessary steps to properly nourish it.  Regular bathing, a proper foot scrub, and a facial cleanser that matches your individual needs will help you on your way to youthful, healthy skin.