Arthritis Foundation Guidelines on Patients for Using CBD to Manage Pain


Cannabidiol or CBD is one of the 100 chemical compounds found in the cannabis plant touted for its numerous health benefits, including relief from acute arthritis pain. As CBD is growing in popularity, arthritis patients have now started to show their curiosity about CBD products as a means to reduce their pain.

While various clinical studies have been conducted on the efficacy of CBD as a medium to cure arthritis pain, some doctors still want patients to exercise extra caution when dealing with CBD. Itís because CBD is still very much unregulated in some places. Although it appears fairly safe to use, itís important to know the source of CBD.

According to doctors, CBD products should be taken in their original form, as even the slightest contamination or adulteration can have a negative impact on the patientís health. Keep on reading to know the guidelines for using CBD to avoid any negativities.

Difference Between THC & CBD

Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC and cannabidiol or CBD are the two most popular chemical compounds out of the 100, on which coveted researchers have conducted various studies. Although both these chemical compounds are derived from the cannabis plant, only CBD is considered safe for medicinal use.

According to studies, CBD can be considered a promising approach due to its pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory effects. Various anecdotal evidence and testimonials galore have also been collected over the past years that signify taking CBD in various forms helps to a great extent.

It is because tetrahydrocannabinol is a psychoactive element known to make a person high, which is not the case with cannabidiol. As CBD helps relieve pain without making people feel high or getting addicted, it is considered a safe option. However, some CBD brands prefer adding the slightest form of THC to the original CBD product composition.

Further, it can increase the risk of a patient getting addicted to this drug, along with various other problems if the THC content is more than the recommended percentage of two to three percent. Doctors believe that as long as patients choose CBD products devoid of any psychoactive element and take it in moderation, it shouldnít be a problem. 

Even though there are numerous studies backing the efficacy of CBD against arthritis, doctors recommend patients make an informed decision. As the internet is full of information, creating more confusion instead of solving the problem, people should consider the accurate information related to CBD as a treatment option for arthritis pain.

Ideal & Safe Way to Take CBD

As CBD is widely growing in popularity as an option to reduce pain, organizations have started to release CBD in the form of gummy bears, pills, and tinctures. Therefore, CBD products are easily available in various forms, allowing for more than one way to take them. Yet, doctors feel the best way to take CBD is through oral administration.

A few people prefer taking CBD via vape products and other means allowing them to inhale CBD directly to their respiratory route which is always frowned upon by medical practitioners. Problems arising due to vaping and vaping products are no new news. In such conditions, inhaling CBD via vaping is bound to invite health problems. 

The safest way of consuming CBD is considered oral administration. Nevertheless, if anyone is unable to consume CBD orally should consider consulting with a medical practitioner to discover more ideal ways depending upon the personís health condition.

Restrictive Ways of Taking CBD

Taking CBD via vape products is not a good way to take CBD because vaping makes CBD go directly into the personís lungs. It is not considered a good practice from medical expertsí point of view. Alternatively, taking CBD orally is a great way to consume to relieve pain. 

Besides vape products, CBD should also not be taken in topical form. Since CBD is fat-soluble and lipid-soluble, applying pure CBD on the skin wonít penetrate it and even if it does, the absorbed quantity will be very less. Therefore, the best way to take CBD excluding oral administration is to look for sprays, oils, and other products.

Aside from sprays and other products, there is the best CBD oil for arthritis that can be purchased by those who are not comfortable in taking CBD via oral administration. Still, for those who always prefer to be extra careful with what theyíre consuming, purchasing any CBD product after a consultation with a doctor will be the best way out.   

How to Find a Reliable CBD Product?

As local governments are rapidly passing laws to decriminalize marijuana, it wonít be difficult to find CBD products that are tested and labeled for safe usage by a regulatory body. Any CBD product with a label from the concerned authority will help people identify if the product has been tested for purity and safe use on humans.

Also, CBD should be taken in moderation for the best results. Besides checking the labels, people should be careful about the source theyíre considering to make a purchase from. To stay on the safe side, ensuring only 100% authentic and lab-tested products from popular or reliable stores is always a great buy.