Why is Amla Juice Ideal For Your Healthy Lifestyle?

India is a land where since the dawn of civilization, natural fruits and vegetables have been valued highly. So many centuries later, until now, a great portion of the Indian population relies on the benefits of these natural foods over the artificial medicines. This is why Amla is getting more popular day by day amidst the Indian population due to its nutritional benefits.

Amla or Indian Gooseberry is usually harvested in the autumn season in mountain areas, which receive a lot of rainfall. The light green colored fruit is consumed either as a whole or in the form of juice. The later is more beneficial owing to the fact that the nutrients get concentrated in the Amla juice.

The fibrous content is quite high in amla and that’s why it has become more popular amidst the older population who suffers from various gastric problems. The taste is somewhat sour and bitter. That’s why Amla is mainly consumed in the form of pickles, dried fruit, or with a pinch of chili powder and salt.

Nevertheless, Amla or Indian Gooseberry is said to be the source of immortality, in this case, the source of a healthy life. If you are still staggering in the dark regarding the health benefits of Amla, then here are some reasons, which will be enough to throw light on your knowledge.


Amla helps in rejuvenating the respiratory tract and helps in relieving asthma and other pulmonary diseases. The anti-inflammatory nature of the juice helps in reducing the inflammations and also prevents the microbes from multiplying within the body.



Amla is high in fiber content which is really important for the proper movement of the bowel in the large intestine. This is the reason why Amla is one of the most essential natural laxatives in India and is consumed mainly by the elderly people. Also, it helps in treating the piles and other bowel problems in people who regularly consume this sour fruit.



The juice from Indian gooseberry helps in the secretion of the gastric juices and hence, makes the digestion proper. Also, Amla allows the proper absorption of nutrients by the inner lining of the gastro-intestinal tract. It helps in the timely secretion of hydrochloric juice in the stomach and hence prevents ulcers.



The regular intake of amla will help you in maintaining the proper cholesterol level in the blood. As a result, the cardiovascular health will be highly improved. Also, the amino acids and the anti-oxidants present in the juice improves the functioning of the cardiac muscles, thereby making the heart strong.



In the case of blood purification, it detoxifies the blood by removing the toxins from it. Also, the hemoglobin count is facilitated by the amla juice and hence, it is best for those suffering from anemia.



The polyphenols present in the amla helps the body to cope up with the high oxidative nature of the blood sugar. Also, your body won’t resist the insulin secretion anymore due to a strict fructose diet. As a result, the level of blood sugar will automatically come down to normal and help the diabetic patients.

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