7 Health Benefits of Marijuana

Marijuana benefits

People have been using marijuana, and it’s byproducts to improve their health for as long as they’ve existed. With cannabis becoming more mainstream with more and more states legalizing the substance, the health benefits associated with it are becoming more well known. There are plentiful resources available for anyone looking to learn more about marijuana and the health benefits it brings, a great example being this medical marijuana dispensary in Michigan. Keep reading for five of the top health benefits.

Chronic Pain Relief

Perhaps the most widely known benefit of marijuana consumption is chronic pain relief. While medical advice should always be sought out from a physician, many individuals have noticed a drastic difference in levels of chronic pain when consuming marijuana. This is due to the numerous chemical compounds in cannabis, many of which are called cannabinoids. Due to their chemical makeup, these often result in chronic pain relief for many people. It’s so effective that medical marijuana is usually prescribed for various chronic pain conditions.


Regulate and Prevent Diabetes

Research conducted by the American Alliance for Medical Cannabis has linked marijuana to improved blood circulation, lower blood pressure, and stabilized blood sugars in diabetes patients. This is because marijuana users have been shown to have increased insulin sensitivity.


Help Symptoms of ADHD and ADD

For those with ADHD or ADD, marijuana has also been shown to be helpful. One main issue that individuals with ADHD or ADD are focusing on tasks at hand, which essentially means that they struggle with concentration and cognitive performance. It has been shown to help in both of these areas and is considered to be safer than alternatives like Ritalin or Adderall.


Helps with Symptoms of PTSD

PTSD, also known as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, results from experiencing one or more traumatic events. This means that for the person with PTSD, anxiety levels are heightened, and a normal flight or fight response is exacerbated. Marijuana consumption has been shown to help relieve these symptoms.


Relief from Tremors Associated with Parkinson’s Disease

Individuals that have Parkinson’s Disease suffer from tremors and pain. This effects their ability to perform simple tasks and makes falling asleep difficult, amongst other issues. Since marijuana has been shown to improve patients’ motor skills, it’s logical that marijuana is a popular treatment for Parkinson’s Disease.

Relief from Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple Sclerosis is another disease that is often associated with pain and pain management, often leading to muscle contractions. Marijuana has been shown to alleviate these muscle contractions and, therefore, the pain associated with them. While this isn’t a cure for Multiple Sclerosis, it certainly helps to manage the symptoms and provide relief for those suffering from it.

Treats Inflammatory Bowel Diseases

Conditions such as ulcerative colitis or Crohn’s disease are also commonly treated with marijuana. Components of cannabis such as THC and cannabidiol have been shown to help improve and enhance immune response, while at the same time interacting with cells that are important for proper gut function. Essentially, marijuana helps to block bacteria and other compounds that are the cause of intestine inflammation.

Final Thoughts

Today, the consumption of marijuana is widely utilized for the many health benefits that it brings. Although a physician should always be consulted before any treatment is adopted, there is a reason that many people turn to marijuana to help treat any health issues that they might be suffering from. While not a cure, there are certainly health benefits to be had from consuming it, and for many people, it is the key to improving their health and happiness.