6 Top Exercises to Get Fit While Working from Home

Exercise at home

Are you looking for the best exercises to do in order to get fit as you work from home?

Working from home is now becoming a reality that we might have to live with for the rest of our lives.

On one hand, working from home is great because you get to spend more time with your family. On the other hand, it could introduce some health problems. You are more likely to live an even more unhealthy lifestyle when working from home.

Youve probably noticed this. Maybe it is the extra sedentary life or the fact that you are now closer to your kitchen. Maybe it is because cant step outside as you wish because things have not improved in your area.

Whatever reason that keeps you from at home, it has led you here. Now you feel the need to get fit before things get worse. You have considered doing some Indoor cycling but would also like to incorporate a few more exercises.

Luckily, there are a ton of equally great exercises that you can do to stay fit.

Here are 6 exercises that you can do to get fit while working from home.


A burpee is a combination is a pushup and a leap in the air. They are a great physical activity that can be done alone or with other exercises. Studies show that involving yourself in such activities can increase your life span.

Burpees are great because they:

  • Do not require equipment
  • Help burn calories
  • Work out many major muscle groups in your body
  • Boost cardiovascular health
  • Can be added to most workouts


Planks are great abdominal and core exercises. Like burpees, they dont need extra equipment, neither do they need you to be an advanced fitness expert.

Planks are great because:

  • They enhance great posture and stability
  • They allow better balance and coordination
  • They improve flexibility
  • They boost your metabolism

You can include different variations and learn how to do lanks correctly.

Press Ups

Press-ups/Push-ups are great upper body exercises that strengthen your upper body and tone your arms and chest, abdominal muscles, and shoulders Press-ups are perhaps one of the most common exercises in the world due to their effectiveness, ease of performing, and versatility.

They are a great workout because:

  • They increase functional strength
  • They enhance the cardiovascular health
  • They help improve your posture
  • They help prevent lower back injuries
  • They help with muscle definition

You can include variations to your press-up routine such as using your furniture or including weights depending on how well you can do a standard press-up.

Jumping Jacks

Jumping jacks are a great full-body workout that will keep you active and your blood pumping. They are considered a great cardiovascular exercise and are good for you if you have packed a few extra kilos.

Jumping jacks are great because:

  • They involve most of your major muscle groups
  • They strengthen your bones and boost your cardiovascular health
  • They help improve balance and proper form
  • They burn calories

Tricep Dips

You need your arms and shoulders to do a lot of things in your daily life. Tricep dips are great bodyweight exercises that will help strengthen those arms and shoulders. Tricep dips are simple and can be performed anywhere as long as you have one raised platform such as a couch or coffee table.

Triceps are great because,

  • They help activate your tricep muscles
  • They increase functional strength
  • They improve your overall balance
  • They help strengthen your arms for other exercises

You can include different variations to your tricep dip routine such as adding weights on your thighs.


Squats are lower body strengthening exercises. You would be surprised at how much you need lower body strength to perform your daily activities. If you cannot stand up from a chair without holding on to something, you probably need to do more squats.

Squats are great because

  • They strengthen your lower body
  • They strengthen your core, hip muscles, hamstrings, obliques, and calves
  • They burn calories
  • They help with balance
  • They shape your legs so that you look good


Working from home is an easy way to let go of your health. A weak body is more likely to lead you to the road of poor mental health which will inevitably ruin your productivity. You can stay ahead of these by incorporating any of these exercises into your daily routine.