What can you lose on when betting on Formula 1

betting on Formula 1

Those who want to know how to bet on Formula 1 should understand what you can lose on in this sport.

It is better not to bet on Mostbet Azerbaycan yukle for the first couple of races of the season, as it is still unclear how technical innovations will work for teams in the peloton. Accordingly, the alignment of forces may differ from how the bookmaker imagined it.

In difficult weather conditions, it is better to bet cautiously on the favorites or avoid them altogether, as the chances of the riders are evened out.

If the team has a clear distinction between not the first and second pilot, the driver in front may receive an order from the boxes to let the team leader go ahead. You should take this into account when making live bets in order to avoid losses.

In Formula 1, drivers are often penalized with penalties such as driving over the pit stop line, deducting points, or adding seconds to the final result. If you bet live at mostbetclub.top, be careful when betting on the results of racers with an aggressive driving style.

How to analyze the game. Expert advice

  • Sometimes strong pilots on good cars show poor results in qualifying due to the sluggishness of the mechanics or for other reasons. Experienced bettors take advantage of this and bet on getting such a pilot into prizes with high odds, which often happens.
  • On urban circuits, like the Monaco Grand Prix, overtaking is difficult due to their small width and the lack of long straights. In such races, the results are largely determined by the places of the riders that they took in the qualification.

A lot depends on the condition of the tyres, so it’s important to know with which tires some cars ride better and with which ones worse. Study this question to bet more prepared.