FIFA 19 vs. PES 19: Which One is the Best?

fifa 19 vs pes 19

FIFA 19 and PES 2019 are two astounding amusements, offering stellar elucidations of the excellent diversion. In any case, which diversion is the best? Is FIFA 19 adequate to convince long-standing PES fans to escape? Or then again is PES 2019 ready to lead FIFA fans to disregard the requirement for licenses and Ultimate Team and join the group over at Konami? It’s been a moderate year, with the two PES and FIFA conveying iterative discharges that have stopped the transport, disregarding enormous upgrades.

We have looked at the two recreations and meet up with what we believe is the decision on the current year’s best diversion. You can simply tell us your considerations on in the comment section.



A football game can be stuffed with heaps of modes, gleaming licenses and all the sweet visuals it needs yet it won’t cut the mustard except if the interactivity is incredible.

Gratefully, both these titles truly inspire with the sport of football they offer. In any case, each is very extraordinary in their methodology.

PES 2019 doesn’t modify the recipe set by its forerunners. This is definitely not an immense rehash for the arrangement, nor does it gloat any tremendous advances. However, the large number of little changes and changes make for the most reasonable football we’ve ever observed on a comfort.

First contacts are presently more normal with a gathering of new liveliness and this adds an additional smoothness to the amusement. FIFA 19 chips away at its first contacts as well, with another element called ‘Dynamic Touch System’. Flick the left stick when the ball is coming towards you and you’ll cut it down and proceed onward rapidly, giving you a chance to begin a counter-assault without an excessive amount of faff.

Passing is smooth in the two amusements, however, in PES 2019 there’s a greater spotlight on developing gameplay. With FIFA, we’re continually anticipating that players should get into the undeniable positions and they never truly appear to. Begin a keep running in PES and you’ll additionally discover something all around set to play the ball to.

We have likewise discovered that in FIFA you have to need to learn such a large number of a larger number of catches combos than in PES. Twisting a shot requires a combo, as completes one-twos, yet that is not the situation in PES 2019.

There are two or three other new increases to FIFA 19. You can now rapidly twofold tap the shoot catch to go out on a limb and have a shot perform better as a rule, however, in our experience, it makes things significantly more troublesome. You can likewise utilize that Active Touch System we specified beforehand to flick the bunch together and endeavor a daring volley from anyplace.

As we would see it, PES 2019 plays the better session of football. That is removing nothing anything from FIFA 19, which stays incredible. It’s simply the somewhat slower, more thoroughly considered play and hardly more sensible activities prevail upon us.



PES 2019 keeps on utilizing the FOX Engine and there haven’t been any gigantic overhauls over a year ago. Like the changes to ongoing interaction, little changes to the visuals are spread all through.

You’ll see there’s an immense gap between formally authorized players and groups Messi or Coutinho, for instance and those that are definitely not. The innovative team from Barcelona both look incredible and the Camp Nou is rendered in shocking point of interest. Contrast that with, say, Leicester’s group and the thing that matters is fantastic.

Lighting, be that as it may, looks exceptionally pleasant in PES 2019 particularly on the off chance that you have an HDR TV and good consoles. There’s likewise 4K visuals accessible.

While we’re talking illustrations, we need to talk introduction as well. Like in earlier years PES’ menus and UI are really dreadful. This is same essential UI we’ve had for a considerable length of time and it stays moderate, terrible and disappointing.

FIFA 19 endures comparably to PES 2019 and you’ll see that a few players look a great deal more terrible than others. As we would see it, facial points of interest look better in FIFA and there’s more authenticity in articulations. Players in PES 2019 can frequently look somewhat dead behind the eyes.

FIFA 19 additionally has PES 19 altogether beaten as far as an introduction. Everything is cleaner and snappier in FIFA, with a considerably more present-day look.

Game Modes


It may play a fantastic round of football, however shockingly Konami has neglected to advance in different regions. All things considered, PES 2019 does not have a portion of the modes even offered by its ancestor.

Ace League keeps on being a pleasant thought, yet one that misses the mark from numerous points of view. The exchange framework is unbelievably borked Harry Maguire for 7m? Wilf Zaha for 19m? and there’s no inundation on account of horrible collaborations with players. It now and again feels like it was created by somebody who has never played, or even watched, football.

MyClub is still here and minor upgrades do add something to the FIFA Ultimate Team match. Included Players this is when genuine stars have a solid week, in actuality, alliances are a decent touch and change it up week-to-week.

The glaring issue at hand is, obviously, the UEFA Europa League and Champions League permit. Once a stalwart of the PES arrangement, this year sees them move crosswise over to EA. This implies every one of the references to the best club champions competition (and the less distinguished kin) are no more. This is a huge misfortune to PES 2019 and implies it comes up short on significantly more enormous licenses. To compensate for this misfortune, Konami has included expanded licenses from the Scottish, German and Dutch alliances, alongside marquee clubs likes Liverpool, Arsenal, and Barcelona. Despite everything, you’ll be decoding EPL clubs from their topographical areas, however.

This misfortune to PES is an enormous gain to FIFA. In FIFA 19, the Champions League permit is heated in all over: Ultimate Team, Kick-off, competitions and on the web.

You can even go straight into playing the Champions League last an extremely decent touch.

Commencement may appear as though a mode you’ll never contact, yet that is not the situation in FIFA 19. EA has included a heap of better approaches to play and some are ludicrously fun. You can play a diversion where just heads and volleys tally, or another alternative where you lose a player each time you score.

Beside including gestures to the Europa and Champions League, nothing else has changed in career mode. Also, that is a disgrace. Regardless you have those smart constant contract and exchange arrangements, which sees players and directors stroll into your office and you take part in a discourse to attempt and take care of business, however even these wind up dreary after you’ve completed a couple.

‘The Journey: Champions’ is the last portion in EA’s shockingly fruitful single-player story and it’s the first to enable you to play as in excess of one character. Alex Hunter remains the legend, however, you can change to his companion Danny or sister Kim all through. As you can most likely envision, the Champions League assumes a major job in the current year’s story.

The last piece of the riddle for FIFA is Ultimate Team. This card-based on the web and the disconnected mode is gigantically well known and similarly as addictive. The main genuine updates to this are some UI changes; however, you do profit by Champions League refreshes and the ongoing interaction benefits. In the event that you weren’t an Ultimate Team fan before this presumably won’t influence.


Neither FIFA 19 nor PES 2019 are colossal step-forwards. Rather they make little changes to the officially natural recipe.

The two games feel more liquid than their antecedents and subsequently, present a more reasonable session of football. FIFA’s new Active Touch System is seemingly the greatest ongoing interaction change crosswise over the two amusements and is an appreciated expansion. In any case, PES 19 has a great gameplay.