Few important things to know before playing Hyperscape


Hyperscape is not a normal battle royale game. While you do dive into a match full of 99 people, there are a lot of variables to remember. In the standard battle royale crush mode, you can become the winning team or individual by either holding the crown that spawns at the end of the match, for 45 seconds or by eliminating all remaining players.

For me, gunplay in this game is not the best. Itís not well balanced yet. It takes a bit more time to kill someone. Maybe they will fix this in the future or you can easily fix this issue by using a hyperscape hack like an aimbot. The mini-map is also missing, I felt kind of lost in the map and didnít know where I was. Maybe they will fix these little things in the official release. You can find hyper Scape hacks below that will be helpful for every event. 

Throughout each match, different events will be triggered that impacts gameplay. For example, a low gravity event may hit in the middle of the game that alters your vertical movement or a health kit event may activate that spawns health packs throughout the map. You would need to keep an eye on what event is happening and use it to your advantage.

When you are eliminated, you are transformed into an echo which can still ping things around the map or scout ahead for your teammates. Itís important to know that if you want to revive, you have to activate and stand on a revived platform in order for your teammates to revive you. As long as people are eliminated, you can revive a teammate since respawn points only spawn on the eliminated opponentís bodies. One thing that I like about this that it keeps your teammates invested in the game even after they die.

The map is a large square that contains 99 districts but each time the game launches, the map will have a specifics area that will become randomly selected. At the beginning of each match, you can examine the whole map and learn where each district is and become familiar with it. The decaying process takes place instead of the closing circle like other battle royale games.

You can have two hacks equipped on you and you can upgrade them up to reduce cooldowns. Testing with each hack and playing with combinations can help you understand what might be more situationally appropriate. For example, I use slam which bounces me really high to escape fights.

Guns in hyperscape are different than other games in this genre. They have 9 guns in total as of now. The Ripper is your standard assault rifle, Mammoth Mk1 is a shotgun, komodo is a rapid-fire energy weapon, D-Tap is an auto-targeting pistol from Titanfall, Sky breaker is energy blast weapon, Salvo EPL is a grenade launcher, Riot One is a slow firing revolver, Protocol V is a sniper rifle, and Hexfire is a machine gun. My favorite loadout is the fully leveled komodo and protocol V. Honestly, they can be often incredibly overpowerful. You need to be aware of the damage fully upgraded guns can have.

You can upgrade your hacks and weapons by looting the same duplicate you find around the map. If you have played other battle royale games before, you are probably used to the color tier system like legendary, epic, rare. And different levels of quality for loot. Yperscape does it differently. There are weapons and abilities throughout the map and they are all somewhat similar. But the thing is that you can upgrade your weapons and abilities by picking up duplicates of them and they can increase their level up to five times. For weapons, each upgrade increases magazine size, damage. For abilities, it can cut down on cooldown time. So after playing this, I realized there is not much of a loot grind in Hyperscape. Because you donít need to look for the best stuff out there.

Also, you donít choose a character in hyperscape which has different abilities as you choose in apex legends. You can choose your playerís aesthetics like voice or looks, but they donít come with abilities attached to them. You have to loot hacks/abilities on the map. What I like about this is that you can build your loadout with whatever you find; like the invisibility paired with teleport is a great combination for me. They worked really well according to my playstyle but they are also things like throwing up a wall, turn yourself into a ball. So you just mix and match and try out everything. Last but not the least, if you stream on twitch, your viewers can alter the outcome of the game. Your viewers can vote on what will happen in an event in a game. So, be aware of your ability to potentially change the outcome of an event.