Brawl Stars, Brawl Ball: 3 Tips to win more often in Brawl Stars PC

Brawl Stars

In Brawl Stars pour PC , Brawl Ball is a very special mode. It is probably the most fun, but also the favorite of many top players. And it’s true that we have more fun when we win. 

If you are looking for tips to increase your trophies significantly and win more often in Brawl Ball, this guide is for you. Here are 3 tips used by all the best Brawl Stars players that beginners don’t necessarily know.


As in Gemstone Razzia mode, in a Brawl Ball team there are 3 roles, one for each member .The ball carrier, there to score goals. He must know how to collect and be able to move quickly .The aggressive, there to kill. 

He must do a lot of damage and if possible have a super that stuns (and therefore releases the ball).The support, there to help his teammates. 

The support can for example heal the ball carrier, beating up opponents so that the aggressive finish them, deliver a decisive pass …That said, and these roles can be interchangeable during a match. 

The best brawlers in Brawl Ball are those who can do a little of all three.


The Brawl Ball mode is undoubtedly less strategic than the Razzia modes of Gems, Robbery and even Survivor. This is what makes it a more fun mode. 

On the other hand, this mode requires a higher level of play (what is called the “skill”). One of the main reasons for this is the impact of the death of a teammember. 

In Razzia mode of Gems, as long as the carrier of gems remains alive, everything is fine. In Robbery, you are doomed to die often, and that’s okay, it even allows you to come back to defense faster. For the Brawl Ball, it’s different.

The reasons are simple and three in number:

You reappear in your goals: Consider then that your respawn time is higher than in the other modes since you will have to travel a long distance before really returning to play.

  • Reappearing more slowly is all the more penalizing as the Brawl Ball mode is the most nervous of all the Brawl Stars game modes. The maps are short and the ball can be sent far enough with a single shot. If the opponent attacks, it can go very quickly.
  • Finally, and perhaps most obviously, losing a team member is catastrophic since it forms a hole in your defense. Opposing breakthrough becomes much simpler. In football, when a defender takes a red card, he is replaced to avoid this problem. In Brawl Ball, this is not the case.

Death in Brawl Ball is therefore extremely punitive. So play safe. Don’t take unnecessary risks. Drop the ball, it’s less important than your life. Don’t hit the ball on engagement, never hit yourself. In general, the team that scores is the first team to kill the other, not the team with the first ball.

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The ball is what makes Brawl Ball really different from other game modes. Learning to use it is therefore one of the keys to your victory. 

There are a few techniques to know.

  • You win 1-0, and the opponent puts the pressure? Got the ball but the rest of your team got hit? Play the clock, save time. 
  • Keep the ball, come back to your court and wait for your teammates. The opponent must absolutely not recover it, throwing the ball in his face is therefore a bad idea.
  • Make passes!The ball circulates much faster when it is sent and passing the ball allows you to defend yourself from an assault so do not be personal. The best thing you can do to improve your teamwork is to play by talking to your teammates. Many clubs have a Discord on which there is a voice chat, use it!
  • Don’t waste your super. Super shooting can be daunting, but most of the time it’s just a waste. This shot is only useful when the situation is particularly tense, I think at the time of sudden death for example. The rest of the time, it will always be more useful to use your super as an attack.
  • Last thing: the strategy “I send the ball into the feet of my opponent so that he can no longer attack and I can kill him” is only effective on paper.In truth, your opponent will simply send it back to you by spamming the automatic attack … Not terrible.