Blackjack Tips


Blackjack is often referred to as 21 because the aim is to get to 21 or as close as possible without going over that number. You may be lucky to get a true Ace from the get-go and win the game right away, but only a handful of players get that lucky. Is it a game of luck or skill? Well, a mix of both, but most players count on card-counting skills to get the desired results. You are expected to follow basic blackjack rules that we will mention in this article even as you count.

Blackjack isnít a complicated game if you follow the basic blackjack strategies we will share here.

Play Basic Strategy

Here are simple strategies that will get you there: when your cards are 12-16 and the dealerís 2-6, Stand. Hit if the dealer has 7-Ace and you have 12-16. Split Aces when you have 8s, and if you have 11 while the dealer has 2-10. Good time to Hit or double Aces -6. Donít overthink the strategy, as these are not essay samples. They are tried-and-tested moves that will get you great results when you check out a casino at playcasinoscanada for free or paid gambling. You will need to memorize this since you cannot consult a manual while playing actively against other gamblers.

Many people are frustrated when they donít do well enough in their first game, but it helps to know these strategies need time to internalize. Think of it like you would an exam if you are a student. The more carefully you read to understand, the better your chances of excelling at it. Practice and consistency will do the rest.

Don’t Play Insurance

If the dealerís up-card is an Ace, they will offer the player insurance. The best bet you can get out of this is half your winnings, which is why we do not advocate for taking this chance unless you are counting cards. You can only win an insurance offer if the dealer has a 10-value card as their hole card, and the up-card is Ace. Otherwise, you are guaranteed to lose. So, unless you are a very capable card counter, pass up the insurance.

Check the Dealer’s up-card

If the dealerís up-card is 7 through Ace, they are doing well. If it is 2 through 6, you are playing an even field, and the odds are on your side. So, before playing, check that up-card and map your game. The chances of the dealer going bust with cards 2-6 are quite high, so knowing this helps you choose a playing strategy.

Start Small

When a new dealer settles at the table, take your time to show your game. You donít want to start playing big right away and getting burnt. Start small with your small bets and then advances as the game gets hotter. You will be able to read the room better when you have had your own luck or misfortune after playing a few games. Think of it as warming up before a workout.

Don’t Get Burned

Hereís a hard-hitting truth: only a small percentage of winners at casinos take their loot home. The rest will lose it the same way they made it, and you do not have to be one of them. Nothing is comforting about being a poor statistic, so teach yourself to walk away after you have played your planned games. At land-based casinos or when playing against fellow gamblers, someone may incite you to play some more, especially when you are winning. Donít fall for those cheers: just take your winnings and go home. No game is worth losing your house or car, and there is always tomorrow to scratch that gambling itch further. 


Blackjack has been considered a game for the seasoned player for many years, but that isnít entirely true. Anyone willing to follow a simple strategy and stick with it long enough to be great can play and win lots of money with this table game. If you want to perfect your game, check out the free games at online casinos, start playing, learn some bankroll management skills, and play consistently. Place a small wager when playing for real money the first time, and then just get with it. Practice makes any player better.