78 GeForce RTX 3080 assembled … to mine Ethereum

78 GeForce RTX 3080 is very good at mining crypto-currencies which is a popular with gamers.

Since the release of the new GeForce RTX on Ampere architecture, their availability is difficult. Of course, players’ appetite for an excellent technical leap is indisputable, but other “areas of interest” absorb part of the production.

There is wind of an American named Simon Byrne who managed to acquire 78 PNY RTX 3080 cards. You can imagine, he didn’t have in mind to design the most hysterical of SLIs. Anyway, you need an RTX 3090 for this function. No, he set up a mining infrastructure dedicated to the Ehtereum.

78 GeForce RTX 3080 assembled … to mine Ethereum

This is undoubtedly the only way to make such an installation profitable, as it is so energy-intensive. According to TechARP’s calculations, the rig requires 23.4 kW which, in Las Vegas where Simon Byrne is based, works out to $ 1,444 per month for the electricity bill for the graphics cards alone.

The fact remains that for several years now, GPUs have been stars in the field of mining, especially for Ethereum. Although no test conducted, but it seems that the RTX 3080 signed PNY is capable of 83 MH / s. Simon Byrne’s system as a whole would thus be able to generate just over 17 ETH per month.

Hand taking Ethereum from broken piggy coin bank
78 GeForce RTX 3080 assembled … to mine Ethereum

At the current price, the rig is, therefore, able to produce Ethereum for $ 12,840. By deducting the electricity bill that TechARP inflates to integrate the essential air conditioning, the guy would generate a profit of 10,647 dollars or more than 128,000 dollars per year. Even if you add “incidentals”, there are still some.

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