7 Popular Games You Can Play Online

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While there are some stigmas around gaming and stereotypes about who gamers are, the numbers bear out much differently. It turns out that the most popular games are being played by nearly 70% of people, with a solid gender split.

If you’re looking for the seven most popular types of games you could be playing, check out our list.

1. First-Person Shooters

When most people think of online games, they often think of first-person shooters. From the days of Doom and Duke Nukem, we’ve grown to be able to have fast-moving, fast-paced games with great graphics processed in real-time. Also, you can play with or against a number of people simultaneously.

Halo, Counter-Strike, Call of Duty, and other similar games group strangers together as a team. You can play via your desktop or with a console with and against gamers from around the world. The head-to-head competition allows you to also converse in real-time via an audio connection or headset.

With great action that’s non-stop, they’ve attracted millions of players from around the globe.

2. MMOGs 

Joining up with a community or a team that’s interested in the same game used to take a lot of legwork and coordination. You’d have to get everyone in the same room, make sure everyone had a controller or was connected to the same network. With today’s games, all you need is an internet connection.

Fast-paced and action-packed MMO games like Fortnite have changed gaming forever. Anytime you log on, you’re jettisoned into a world that’s already going.

There are adventure games that allow you to join a team and play for as long or as short as you’d like. If you like fantasy and a fun escape from reality, these games are ideal.

3. Casino Games

It used to be a big deal to get everyone together to go out to a casino for a weekend. There are also age limits and geographical restrictions that have kept people from gaining skills in these types of games. Now, with just an internet connection or a mobile device, you can play any one of these games for free or for money.

If you get really good, you can get into the world of online poker and win a little bit of money on the side. For fast-paced risk-takers, there’s nothing better than playing in an online casino that’s connecting you to people around the world 24 hours a day.

For people who like a more relaxed pace, free bingo games can give you the communal spirit of playing with a group without the high risks. Consider this instead of playing alone in a one-person or first-person game against a computer opponent. 

4. Sports Games

Sports lovers, active or inactive in their own life, can live out the fantasy of being a star with some of the exciting sports games out there. Those of us who would be a better coach than a player can get the chance to make the calls for their favorite team.

Across the internet, you can play against other competitive sports fans. You can even join a fantasy league if video gaming isn’t your thing. Fantasy sports allows you to enjoy some of the strategic gaming of other genres while connecting it to your real-life fandom.

Tweak your lineups day or night for the ideal team to help you win a league. You might even make a little money in the process.

5. Classic Arcade Games

Search for one of the many classic arcade games that used to eat up your quarters 20-30 years ago and you’ll find a version online. Whether you loved Tetris, Pac-Man, or Frogger, those classic games all have a home on the web.

Retro gaming websites allow designers and developers to play with code and try to either port their own or pull from written code. There are titles you’re familiar with or ones that you never got the chance to try. For some of us, we might find our parents’ favorite games free on the web.

Take a trip down memory lane or find a game that really feels fun for you.

6. Multiplayer Mobile Games

While mobile gaming might seem like a solitary venture, it’s actually very social. Many games are made to be played either with or against others in real-time or against recorded performances by other great players.

Words With Friends is one of the most popular multiplayer games on mobile platforms. Using crossword-style playing, you build words in the same way that you would with Scrabble. Words With Friends allows you to play over a long period of time, impressing your friends with your vocabulary or finding out someone’s a secret genius.

7. Mobile Puzzle Games

Mobile puzzle games are popular for their “snackability”. These games take seconds to load and can be played for hours or for minutes at a time. They’re one of the most popular categories of games and allow for a lot of flexibility and on the go gaming.

Angry Birds is one of the most popular games of the last ten years and possibly ever to come out on mobile devices. Using stylized birds and a little bit of high school geometry, you have to figure out how to deploy birds from a slingshot. You need to hit the right things at the right angle to excel at the highest levels of this game.

Candy Crush is one of many “match”-style puzzle games for mobile devices. Widely popular, it’s one of those games you’ll find on the phones of parents, politicians, and psychotherapists.

The Most Popular Games Aren’t Always the Best

No matter what your playing style, there’s a game out there for you. The popular games aren’t for everyone but there are some off the beat titles tailor-made for someone like you. Be sure to bookmark our site to stay ahead of exciting and interesting gaming trends.

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