Basic Coffee Brewing Tips

Coffee Brewing

We all love coffee don’t we? We love buying it, love drinking it, love showcasing different types of coffee cups. But when it comes to actually brewing it, there can be a pretty wide spectrum from your barely drinkable cheap instant coffee to the ultimate hipster set-up including a grinder and devices that we struggle to name.

So this article is for the regular Joe Blog who loves coffee and wants some simple tips on how to up his coffee game. Here are three simple ways to instantly upgrade the quality of the coffee you make at home:

  1. Grind your own beans

Chances are if you are reading this article that you have at least some form of coffee brewer sitting around the house. Maybe it is an old French Press, maybe a Moka pot, or drip coffee machine. And statistically speaking, chances are that you head to your local grocers and buy some form of pre-ground coffee to use with the coffee maker. 

However, probably the single easiest way to up your coffee game is to take the dive and begin to grind your own beans. We realise that can seem daunting and an overkill but it is remarkable how much this will improve the flavour of your coffee. To do this we recommend buying a burr coffee grinder rather than a blade one. If you are wanting an affordable option you could opt for a hand grinder like the Knock Aergrind, which is a durable grinder with high quality burrs. 

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  1. Buy quality beans

The second step once you have taken the plunge and begin to grind your own beans is to make sure you are actually getting the right beans. There is a maxim in the world of coffee that the flavour of your coffee will never exceed the quality of the beans you use. And so if you are using decades old pre-ground beans (slight exaggeration), it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the resultant coffee doesn’t taste all that good. 

The best beans to buy are from local coffee roasters. They do tend to be a bit more expensive but you are paying for quality. Even if you type into google ‘specialty coffee roaster near me’ you should be able to find something. Again you might be amazed what a difference this makes to be using fresh and high quality beans. 

  1. Learn to experiment 

The final tip we recommend is to experiment a little with the given coffee maker you regularly use. If it is a French Press try a shorter brew time, or more coffee, or a finer grind. Maybe type into google “brewing tips for ….” But play a little and find out what you like and what tastes best to you. Ultimately coffee drinking is about brewing a drink that you enjoy. So experiment a little, if you are feeling particularly brave you could even try buying a new type of coffee brewing that is alien to you like the Aeropress.

So three simple tips for better coffee; grind your own beans, buy fresh high quality beans, and don’t be afraid to experiment. And good luck on your journey to a better brew!