Types of Motorcycles And Their Insurance†

Types of Motorcycles

If youíre familiar with car insurance, then you already understand what motorcycle insurance is and how it works. Motorcycles are registered vehicles and, as such, must have at least general liability coverage. Every state has its own minimum requirements for cars and motorcycles alike. The similarities donít end there. Factors that determine how much you will pay for car insurance are the same as how much you will pay for motorcycle insurance but applied towards a bike rather than a car. One of the most prominent factors in determining your car insurance rates is the type of car you drive. While it may not seem it at first glance, there are actually different types of motorcycles with their own insurance rates. If youíre unfamiliar with the pricing of motorcycle insurance, then this is the post for you. 

Motorcycle Insurance Cost at First Glance

Right off the bat, we can tell you that motorcycle insurance isnít as expensive as car insurance Ėat least in some states. That being said, there are some instances of motorcycles costing more to insure than cars in some areas. The average cost for motorcycle insurance is about $178 a month, which adds to an annual $2,136. In some states, that is like insuring a car. Some states like Wisconsin have much lower motorcycle rates at around an annual $720. This is because people will not be driving around on their bikes during the winter; it just wouldnít be safe. Meanwhile, people are driving their motorcycles all year round in states like California, where the weather is always appropriate for biking. Motorcycle insurance rates around here are $6,168 annually Ėwell above the national average. Location and place of residence are just one factor of many that they use to price motorcycle insurance. 

Different Types of Motorcycles 

Similar to how a luxury car would have higher insurance rates than a standard sedan, certain types of motorcycles will cost more to insure than others. Here are the different types of motorcycles and the insurance they would require, along with how much it costs:

  • Standard street motorcycles – Also known as bikes or roadsters, street motorcycles are one of the most commonly purchased motorcycles out there. With its upright seating position, reclinable passenger seat, easy-to-handle steering, and engine with a max speed of around 125 mph, standard street motorcycles are great for riders just getting started. The one drawback is that these motorcycles donít have many windscreens. All motorcycles, as a general rule of thumb, are better with full coverage motorcycle insurance rather than just basic liability since motorcycles are more susceptible to damage than cars. There are cases of some roadster makes, and models cost far lower than the national average. Typically they can cost anywhere from $600 to $1,200 annually, depending on where you live. 
  • All-terrain vehicle – You may not have known this, but recreational ATVs also have to be insured even though you arenít exactly driving out on the open road with these vehicles. While an ATV is vastly different from a motorcycle with its three wheels and off-road capabilities, it still needs to be registered and requires insurance coverage. Coverage for an ATV can cost anywhere from $480 to $1,250 annually Ėmore or less on par with motorcycle insurance. 
  • Sports motorcycles – These motorcycles are designed for high speeds and performance. Some of the makes and models are luxury in nature, and the insurance rates reflect that. Itís been reported that sports bikes can cost anywhere from $1,082 to $2,198 annually to insure. Because of their speed and handling, they are more likely to get into an accident and suffer some damage. This isnít too different from car insurance, as high-performance cars are also subject to the highest insurance rates.
  • Scooters and mopeds – Scooters and mopeds are scaled-back versions of motorcycles, simplifying all the features and riding techniques. Mopeds are extremely low speed, while scooters do retain some speed but not enough to regularly drive on expressways, for example. Insurance rates for these types of motorbikes run especially low at anywhere from $280 to $600 annually since they will likely not be your main method of transport.