Key Reason for Facing Losses in Forex Market

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According to the research, 92% to 95% of people face loss in Forex field. So, you have already understood that it is not easy to gain success. Traders work hard so that they can be able to achieve the goal. Most of the time, investors face lots of problems and cannot be able to control the situation. Ultimately, they face loss. Beginners do more mistakes and face more loss. People should know which reasons are accountable for facing loss. Letís know about these.

Poor Risk Management Skill

When a person fails to manage the risk, he cannot be able to secure the capital. People should try to maintain the large capital so that they do not take the high leverage as it can be risky. Traders should learn to use the stop-loss and take profit to handle the situation by reducing the loss. People should maintain the risk-reward ratio 1:2 or 1:3. When the person will be able to increase the account balance more than the cost, he will be able to gain success. So, the investor should take the risk properly based on the deposit. Beginners should not take the high risk as they will not be able to handle the situation.


Overtrading stops the investor from making money. It increases cost. People do this to gain money but they do not understand its bad effect. This can wipe out the account. Because of greed, traders try to overtrade. People should avoid this. They should determine how many trades they will do in a single day. The strategy will help to avoid overtrading. So, people should follow the strategy and try to secure a deposit. The person is required to choose the correct trade which will provide profits. Control your greed to earn more money. Trade with patience just like the top traders at Rakuten Securities Australia. Once you manage to stop overtrading, you will definitely earn more.

Lack of Responsibility

Most of the traders do not want to take responsibility. If you try to blame others for your mistakes, there will no benefits. People should try to generate a sense of responsibility in the mind. A market is indeed an uncertain place but it is not unknown to people. So, they are required to take the preparation properly so that they can take the proper step at the proper time. When the person will be able to take responsibility, he will be more serious about trading and try to monitor the market properly.

Not Having Trading Strategy

The plan directs the investor to go on the right track. When the person does not have any plan, he will not able to control the emotions which are necessary for making the right decision. People should try to develop a good plan and stick to this. If you fail to do so, it is not possible to increase the success rate. The plan will also help to open and close the position in time. When the trader will face any major difficulties, the plan will help to get rid of this situation. But, a weak strategy can destroy the buying-selling process.

 Do Not Keep the Focus

In the trading hour, this is seen that many people watch movies, web series, listen to the song, and do other activities. As a consequence, they fail to keep their focus on the market. When the person does so, he misses some necessary news announcements and misses the opportunity. So, people should be up to date with the market. When the investor will provide total concentration, it will be easy for him to make a profit consistently. Investors should maintain the discipline as it will help to keep the focus.

People should be conscious of every mistake so that they do not repeat this further. If you want to avoid the loss, you should try to practice properly and take the proper preparation.