Crypto Revolt to Revolutionalise World Of Blockchain

Crypto Revolt to Revolutionalise World Of Blockchain is quickly becoming apparent that blockchain technology is about far more than just Bitcoin.

Across finance, healthcare, media, government and other sectors, innovative uses are appearing every day. Let’s check out some out some of them.


GuardtimeCreates “keyless” signature systems blockchain currently used to secure one million Estonian citizens’ health records.
REMMEDecentralized authentication system, Aims to replace logins and passwords, SSL certificates stored on blockchain


GemStartup working with Centre for Disease Control put disease outbreak data onto a blockchain, Increase disaster relief and response effectiveness.
SimplyVital HealthTwo health-related blockchain products in development Tracks progress of patients after they leave the hospital Health Nexus provide decentralized blockchain patient records
MedRecMIT project, involving blockchain electronic medical records, Designed to authentication, confidentiality and data sharing.

Financial services

ABRACryptocurrency wallet, uses Bitcoin blockchain to hold and track balances stored in various currencies
Bank HapoalimCollaboration between Israeli bank and Microsoft, Creates a blockchain system for managing bank guarantees
BarclaysLaunched under a number of blockchain initiatives Involves tracking financial transactions, compliance and combating fraud
MaerskShipping and transport consortium, Unveils plans for a blockchain solution for streamlining marine insurance
AeternityAllows creation of smart contracts , become active when network consensus agrees to conditions that have been met
AugurAllows creation of blockchain-based predictions markets, Trading of derivatives and financial instruments, Decentralized ecosystem

Manufacturing and industrial

ProvenanceThe project aims to provide a blockchain-based provenance record of transparency, Supply chains
HijroPreviously known as Fluent, Aims to create a blockchain framework for collaborating, Prototyping and proof-of-concept
SKUChainAnother blockchain system, allowing tracking and tracing of goods, Pass through a supply chain
BlockverifyBlockchain platform, Focuses on anti-counterfeit measures, Initial use cases in the diamond, pharmaceuticals and luxury goods markets
TransactivgridBusiness-led community project, Based in Brooklyn, Allows members to locally produce and cell energy to reduce costs involved in energy distribution
STORJ.ioDistributed and encrypted cloud storage, Allows users to share unused hard drive space


DubaiSet sights on becoming the world’s first blockchain-powered state. Representatives of 30 government departments formed a committee, Dedicated to investigating opportunities across health records, shipping, business registration, Preventing the spread of conflict diamonds.
EstoniaPartnered with Ericsson, Initiative involving creating a new data centre, Move public records onto the blockchain
South KoreaSamsung is creating blockchain solutions for the South Korean government, Put to use in public safety and transport applications
GovcoinUK Department of Work and Pensions, Investigates using blockchain technology to record, Administer benefit payments
Democracy.earthOpen-source project, Aims to enable the creation of democratically structured organizations, Potentially even states or nations, using blockchain tools
Followmyvote.comAllows the creation of secure, transparent voting systems, Reduced opportunities for voter fraud, Increase turnout through improved accessibility to democracy


BitgiveService aims to provide greater transparency, Charity donations and clearer links between giving and project outcomes, Working with established charities including Save The Children, The Water Project and Medic Mobile


OpenBazaarAttempt to build a decentralized market, Goods and services can be traded with no middle-man
LoyyalBlockchain-based universal loyalty framework, Allows consumers to combine and trade loyalty rewards in new ways, and retailers, Offers more sophisticated loyalty packages
Blockpoint.ioAllows retailers to build payment systems around blockchain currencies, Blockchain derived gift cards and loyalty schemes

Real Estate

UbiquityStartup creating a blockchain-driven system, Tracking the complicated legal process, Creates friction and expense in real estate transfer

Transport and Tourism

IBM Blockchain SolutionsNumber of non-finance related blockchain initiatives with global partners
Arcade CityAims to beat Uber at their own game, Moving ride-sharing and car hiring onto the blockchain
La’ZoozCommunity-owned platform Synchronizing empty seats with passengers, Need of a lift in real-time
WebjetOnline travel portal , Developing a blockchain solution, Allow stock of empty hotel rooms to be efficiently tracked and traded, Payment fairly routed to the network of middle-men sites, Involved in filling last-minute vacancies


KodakKodak recently sent its stock soaring, Announcing that it is developing a blockchain system, Tracking intellectual property rights and payments to photographers
UjomusicFounded by singer-songwriter Imogen Heap, Record and track royalties for musicians, Allowing them to create a record of ownership of work

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