Whatís the difference between printed and woven labels?

woven labels

There are many options available when it comes to labels, so weíre here to help you make the right choice

Thereís nothing new about taking pride in the way one looks or the clothes one wears. Whether itís looking sharp at work or socialising feeling chic the right ensemble can boost your confidence and set you up for the day ahead, making you look as good on the outside as you feel on the inside.

And there are many factors involved in perfecting the right appearance Ė with factors to consider literally from head to toe.

And one of the most deceptively important of these factors is labels Ė so this is something that brands must take into account when finalising their designs. Different labels can have a real impact on those first impressions. Even if they arenít actively aware of it, the right label design can sway a customerís purchasing decision.

This means itís vitally important to choose the right label design for your products. Choose the wrong option, and you could jeopardise the overall impact of your whole range.

In order to choose the right labels, youíll need to make a few key decisions, and one of them is choosing between printed and woven labels. Weíre here to provide all the information you need to make the right decision for your products. Letís take a look.  

What are printed labels?

Printed labels are the typical option, and offer a high quality and flexible method of label design. Printed labels are usually made from materials such as satin, cotton, Tyvek and poly blend Ė poly satin or polycotton.

Printed labels are made using digital printing. Logos and brand names are printed digitally directly onto the material of choice, be it satin, cotton or one of the other options.

One of the benefits of printed labels is the flexibility involved in the process. Thanks to the digital options, there is essentially no limit to the palette of colours and shades available for you to choose from. The only limit is your imagination.

This is important, as it allows you to make your labels not just a practical factor, but also a standout design feature in their own right. With printed labels, you can create striking visuals with your garments, right down to the labelling.

Taking care over every small detail on your product is key to gaining a reputation for trust and quality with your customers. This promotes brand loyalty as it reinforces the idea that your customers are getting value for money.

So consider thinking outside the box when it comes to your label designs. Another benefit of printed labels is how precise they are, meaning you can get away with creating fairly complex designs. You can be comfortable knowing youíre going to get exactly what you want from your design, including any intricate details that it may require.

There is also a high level of quality attached to the best printed labels. They are wash resistant, so you donít have to worry about them fading or losing their crispness after the first wash. Using quality inks will help you really take advantage of this resistance.

If youíre producing a mass order or a last minute order, printed labels benefit from a shorter lead time meaning that you can enjoy a quicker turnaround.

What are woven labels?

So if printed labels are so good, why do many brands opt for woven labels instead? Well, in terms of quality, craftsmanship and reputation, woven labels simply canít be beaten.

Woven labels are made using polyester threads which are woven together on a loom in order to create your desired design and message. They are commonly made using two key materials: polyester and cotton.

Woven labels arenít just named as such because your design is woven into a label. Instead, the whole label itself is actually woven too. When the whole label is woven, it creates an unbeatably soft texture that instantly evokes a sense of quality Ė making the garment even more attractive to customers.

Whatís more, woven labels are also highly durable. On average, a woven label will last longer than a printed one due to the superiority of the materials used.

Woven labels can help you add a touch of class to your product. The individual stitching gives a sense of care and quality, while also creating a longer-lasting look. Whatís more, the overall aesthetic of woven labels gives the sense of a premium choice. And a premium label suggests a premium product.

Woven labels may not have quite the range of colours available to digitally printed labels, but what they lack in choice of shade they more than make up for in quality. When it comes to brand names, website addresses, logos and straplines, woven labels can act as a high quality option for brands hoping to give off a sense of luxury with their products.

What are the key differences between printed and woven labels?

Different labels provide different options, and its clear that there are benefits to both of these popular options. Depending on what youíre looking for from your product label, you will most likely find yourself leaning more towards one of these options than the other.

In terms of price, printed labels are often cheaper than woven labels. After all, they can be produced more easily and quickly. On the other hand, woven labels are created on a loom and require more attention. Plus, the materials tend to be of a more long-lasting quality.

Which leads us on to durability. Woven labels are the clear winner in this category. Woven labels last longer than printed ones because they are carefully stitched as opposed to being printed, so they are more resistant to being put through the wash and repeatedly handled.

When it comes to design variation, printed labels tend to offer more options as they are created digitally and therefore designs can be very intricate and complex. You can also choose pretty much any colour combination for your printed labels.

From a quality perspective, woven labels are generally the best option. Take a look around any department store and youíll notice that most of the high-end fashion brands tend to use woven labels as opposed to printed ones. Woven labels give off a more luxurious impression and make your garments appear more premium. Of course, when done right printed labels can also bring a sense of quality to lightweight garments.

Which is the best option?

There is no definitive answer when it comes to the best label option. It all depends on your specific product, wishes and circumstances.

If youíre looking for a design that can be mass-produced quickly, then printed labels may be the way to go. Likewise, if you have a particularly complex design then you may also want to consider printed labels.

However, if youíre looking for quality over quantity and want to create a durable design that gives off a premium feel, then woven labels are definitely the way to go. Woven labels can help you create a luxury design for your product that lasts.