The Final Guide On How To Find The Perfect Fur Coat


Are you dreaming of owning a Hollywood star-like fur coat? Perhaps it would be your first one, and you’re not really sure how to choose it? Are you afraid of your shortage of information? Do you have questions about the quality of fur? Not to worry. We listed a few tips and answers that will guide you towards the fur coat of your desires. 

Criterion #1: Quality

Quality, always quality! Indeed, like all exceptional products (seeElpidio Loffredo mink furs), fur skins are classified by color, grade, and quality. These criteria will determine the purchase price for the filler and, therefore, the final price for the customer. The more impressive the quality, the more expensive the cost of the fur. Also, the higher the quality of the skins, the higher the price of a jacket with a corresponding color and shape will be. It is essential to check that your fur has a quality label. Thanks to a label, you will immediately know if it is a quality farmed hide. No label, so be careful because you have no traceability. In addition to the seriousness of these significant auction houses – which will reinforce your confidence in quality – you are also part of their commitment to respect their sector, and their mission to preserve and convey to responsible exploitation.

Criterion #2: Color

Elpidio Loffredo mink furs, for example, are available in many natural colors. Some are common, others rare (such as blue iris mink, pearl cross, stardust, violet cross, golden pearl, etc…) so more expensive. Another element to be taken into consideration is the trend. Fashion obeys the rules of designers. From one year to the next, one shade is in style, then it will be another, etc… The trend may lead you to buy a color that will only be very “ephemeral”. So, either you are a fur fan, and you can have all the audacity when it comes to shape or color – because you already have several furs.

If it’s your first acquisition, we advise you to choose a neutral color, natural or not in the shades of beige, brown, black, grey, or white that you will wear comfortably and with many clothes, because only a neutral color can last. On the other hand, if you get tired of the shape, you can always have it cut by a furrier, and even at that moment, have it dyed to give it a new life!

Criterion #3: Male or Female Fur?

Animal selections mean that today, even if there is a slight difference between male and female skins, it is no longer as evident as it was a few years ago. Indeed, in the past, male fur was really less soft, heavier, leather thicker, and gander too long. Today – except for experienced people – a perfect quality male mink coat is almost as light and warm as a female skin coat, the leather is soft and delicate. Today these criteria of weight, softness, and warmth have changed a lot.  Only the width and length of the skins remain a significant difference. Female skins being smaller and shorter, it takes a more substantial number of them to make the same part, and this results in a higher manufacturing cost.

Criterion #4: Where to Buy Your Fur?

To start your search, go to a specialized store. Mink, fox, astrakhan, sable, short- or long-hair fur, you are sure to find a wide choice that will allow you to define better what you want. You will also benefit from the advice of the seller, the after-sales service, whether in a shop in town or on a specialized website, such as Elpidio Loffredo mink furs. Of course, the advantage of a shop is to allow you to see the fur right away, but the sites also allow you to get your coat within 24 hours if you wish. Websites or specialized shops will be the only ones able to answer all your questions and dispel all your doubts. The advantage of the Internet is that the sites are likely to offer you much more attractive rates!

Now that you know it all, get ready to be your most glamorous self! 

Image credit: Fur Coat via Kiselev Andrey Valerevich/Shutterstock