Men’s Fashion Trends to Look Out for This Summer

Men’s Fashion

Men’s style is something that hasn’t always been at the forefront of the fashion community.  Up until somewhat recently, women seemed to rule the runways and red carpets, while their male counterparts stood in the background in simple suits and ties.

However, men’s fashion has come a long way over the last few years, and we’ve been seeing more and more men have been taking risks with their clothing choices.  At the annual Met Gala this past Monday, A-listers like Jared Leto, Billy Porter, and Ryan Murphy stepped out in extravagant styles reflecting the “Camp” theme of the event, proving that men’s fashion doesn’t have to be boring.

Image Credit:  Pexels

While these styles aren’t practical for everyday wear, there are still tons of ways men can elevate their wardrobe and instantly look more fashionable.  Here are some of the biggest men’s fashion trends to look out for this summer.


Men wearing makeup isn’t exactly a new trend, but we’ll definitely be seeing bolder looks this summer.  With designers like Tom Ford and Chanel launching their own lines of male cosmetics, barriers between masculinity and femininity are being broken as more and more men embrace the trend.  If bold, “obvious-looking” makeup isn’t your thing, there are foundations, brow gels, and lip balms geared towards men to enhance masculine features rather than cover them up.

Made in the 80s

Thanks to the overwhelming popularity of shows like Stranger Things, the eighties are back in!  But before you run to your nearest barber shop and ask for a mullet (business up front, party in the back), keep in mind that not EVERY eighties fad should be revived.  This era was all about bright colors and bold styles, so keep these elements to a minimum and adopt some of the decade’s more wearable looks instead.  Cuban collar shirts, sporty wide headbands, and high top sneakers are all eighties trends that have successfully made their way to the 2010s, so start incorporating these styles into your wardrobe this summer for an effortlessly cool look.

Bold Patterns

You may have seen stars like Rami Malek, Michael B. Jordan, and Jeff Goldblum sporting bold patterns lately, both on the red carpet and in paparazzi photos.  While plaid, stripes, and checkerboard tend to be some of the most popular patterns in men’s clothing, bolder patterns are starting to emerge as well.  Tropical and palm leaf prints are especially popular choices for summer and can be found in anything from collared shirts to swim trunks.  For an even bolder statement, cheetah print, paisley, and polka dots are also great choices that can really take an outfit to the next level, so find a few prints you’re comfortable with and go from there!

Cropped Trousers

Once thought of as “dorky” or ill-fitting, cropped pants are making a huge comeback this summer.  Cropped trousers have been everywhere these days, as they perfectly combine elements of formal attire with casual comfort.  Cropped trousers are perfect for warm summer days due to their cool, breezy look, and they also present the perfect opportunity to show off a cool pair of socks or sneakers!  Before trying this trend, however, make sure your cropped trousers are properly fitted for a sleek, streamlined look. 


Men’s hats tend to get a bad rap thanks to unfashionable fedoras and newsboy caps, but when done right, hats can be a great addition to any summer ensemble.  Baseball caps, beanies, and bolero hats are super trendy at the moment and can really enhance a look if paired with a correlating outfit.  Male fashion icons like Andre 3000, Harry Styles, and Donald Glover are all known to regularly pull off the hat look, and some have even been so bold as to sport them at red carpet events as well!  Whatever style you’re into, hats are fun and practical accessories that can add some personality to any outfit!

Image Credits: Men’s Fashion from I am Kulz/Shutterstock