Five Fashion Tips to Improve Your Personal Style

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Your fashion decisions dictate how people perceive you in various social and professional contexts. Are you sure your personal style is in perfect coherence with the image you want to project? If you donít want to put too much thought into developing your unique style, youíll end up being defined by a lack of style. Either way, you cannot escape the fact that for most people, especially for those who donít know you, how you present yourself matters a lot.

Here are five tips to help you refine your personal style and present yourself as your best, most authentic self.

1.    Buy Only High-Quality Clothes

The first most important thing you should do to improve your style is to buy only high-quality clothing. Itís much better to have a small wardrobe of high-quality pieces than a large wardrobe of cheap clothes with faded colors and loose seams. So, shop wisely.

You donít have to go for the most expensive brands, but you should inspect each piece of clothing carefully before buying. How does the fabric feel? Does it seem durable or too thin? Remember that the more seams per centimeter, the higher the quality. Even the buttons can tell a lot about quality. If theyíre loose or misaligned, the item does not deserve your money.

2.    Accessorize Creatively

Jewelry and accessories can radically transform an outfit. The right piece of jewelry or the right accessory can make you look sophisticated and stylish even when wearing basic clothes or dull colors. However, itís important to not over-accessorize. Focus on one or two elements, and balance their sizes.

When looking to enhance your personal style, jewelry can play a huge role in revealing your authentic personality. A piece of jewelry can carry a lot of meaning and become a symbol of the values and principles you hold dear. For example, tree of life jewelry is universally recognized as representing cosmic knowledge and unity. Thus, it can make you look attuned to the spiritual side of life.

3.    Choose the Right Shoes for Each Outfit

Donít sabotage your outfits by wearing the first shoes you lay your eyes on. As hard as it is to believe, shoes can be the first thing that people notice about you. Donít wear worn-out or dirty shoes. Avoid shoes in bold colors unless theyíre trail runners or running shoes. Wear formal shoes with formal clothes, with no exception.

Itís natural to prioritize comfort when buying footwear for casual, everyday use, but you shouldnít ignore aesthetics. For example, if you prefer sports or athletic brands for casual use, but still want to look classy, choose dark colors. Black shoes look much more elegant than white or bright-colored ones, even if itís the same model.

4.    Find Inspiration Online   

The Internet is filled with fashion blogs, online magazines, and websites that share tips and advice tailored to your age and body type. Check the latest trends, analyze iconic styles, and browse photos with outfits put together by fashion stylists. Observe what theyíre doing and imitate the style that speaks to you the most.

When scrolling through blogs and magazines, youíll notice that some styles attract you more than others. Just use your intuition and pin your favorite photos to use as inspiration next time you go shopping. After you get familiar with various trends and styles, it will be easier to tell which suit you and which donít represent you at all.

5.    Keep it Simple

In their attempt to look cool and original, many people go overboard when choosing clothes and accessories. Afraid of looking boring, they over-accessorize, choose flashy colors or combine fabrics in an unfortunate way. Even wearing all-black can be a terrible choice if each piece of clothing is a different shade of black. So, whenever youíre not fully convinced about an outfit, keep it simple.

The crucial thing to remember is that simple does not mean boring. A simple style is neutral, meaning it will not necessarily attract admiration but neither will it compromise your image. Youíll feel much more confident and self-assured in jeans and a T-shirt that you know look good on you rather than wearing an original outfit youíre unsure of.

Improving your fashion style is worth your time and money because itís directly related to your self-confidence. When you look good, you feel good, and others can tell. Invest in high-quality clothing. Learn to select colors and sizes that complement your physical features instead of obscuring them. Donít be afraid to experiment, but start with small steps so you can get used to the new Ďyouí.