Couture, Catwalks and Casinos: The Gamble of Producing a Fashion Show


To be part of the production crew that works with Karl Lagerfeld must either be interesting or a cause for concern, either way, the two will undoubtedly combine to produce masterful shows that sets the designer aside from his contemporaries.

The Paris Show of 2015 was a casino couture show that displayed all the usual paraphernalia such as tables, slots and your typical catwalk runway. This is whole Lagerfeld, unique and successful. We shouldn’t be surprised really and yet we are, totally.

fashion show

Karl’s past shows included a fake life-sized supermarket, a feminist rally, a fully-functioning brasserie and an art gallery. All embodying the Chanel-inspired works that all worked and fitted with the surroundings. Of all this, the Paris Show of 2015 was his masterpiece… so far!

A Designer that Will Always Raise the Stakes

To be a guest of a Chanel Show created Lagerfeld it must be met with some excitement mixed with some trepidation, the ending though will seal wonderment.

Your a-typical fashion show has one long catwalk that is either straight down the middle of a bank of seats either side or will loop and curve around, past and in front of the guest. All a bit too simple and obvious for Lagerfeld. How about we have our guest site at Chanel-branded casino tables that are placed in the centre of the catwalk, with slot machines lining the walls of the Grand Palais.

Grand Palais

For the humble simpleton that lives a life a thousand miles away from the fashion and celebrity world, gambling would normally consist of heading to casinos online and placing bets in our underwear during the afternoon. More https://www.thecasinocity.se than the Chanel Paris Show. What Karl tapped into is standardized taboos, everyday antics that everyone partakes in but is seen as so commonplace that the beauty of the action or surrounding is totally over-looked.

Gambling in Style

The casino-lifestyle is certainly portrayed as a lavish experience through the eyes of an industry that is glammed to the max. The reality is that if you can afford Chanel, you wouldn’t be seen in a casino. The Lagerfeld show took the notion of glam-gambling to the max. When you have guests like Rita Ora, Kristen Stewart, Lily-Rose Depp and Julian Moore dressed in the crispest of black garments and suits, the whole event looks more like the scene from a Bond film rather than the reality of Caesars at 10 am on a Tuesday.

The element of Vegas wasn’t lost on Karl, as the show closed with Kendall Jenner parading a revamped wedding look with a white double-breasted coat, with slim trousers and veil/shawl cascading behind her.

Gambling in Style

Now we may never get to become party to such events anytime soon. For now, we must remain confined to our comfy sofas, wearing our own brand of couture which is more Larger-fell and stained lounge-wear than the real deal. As we gamble online looking to win enough money to even afford the effort of browsing a Chanel store on the