Which Concertina is the Best For Beginners?


Just like harmonicas and accordions, Concertinas are free-reed wind musical instruments. They are built with contracting and expanding bellows and buttons (which may sometimes be keys) on both ends.

Concertinas are mostly used in folk music, although they are adaptable to various genres. To discover the many varieties available, the best ones to consider, and some general advice for beginners, including the most budget model, continue reading.

Which Concertina Is the Best for a Beginner?

Whilst being a beginner, it’s advisable you pick a concertina of more excellent quality. This might be a challenge if your budget is constrained because hordes of online concertinas are mass-produced and of poor quality, even for novices.

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What Is the Appearance of a Concertina?

Similar to the accordion, the concertina is often smaller and simpler to operate. It contains bellows and buttons that compress and expand.

More often than not, buttons are put on both ends. This is a significant distinction between the concertina and the accordion since the accordion has buttons on the front. The buttons on the concertina move in the same direction as the bellows.

How Should a Concertina Be Held?

First pass your fingers through the straps of the concertina. Then, carry through this procedure on both sides, ensuring that your thumbs are on the outside.

When the instrument is positioned correctly, your right hand should be near the air button.

The straps can be adjusted to make sure that your fingers can move freely while on a comfortable hand.

Is it Difficult to Play the Concertina?

Generally, the concertina is not challenging to play. It is pretty reasonable and straightforward.

From the first session, you will be able to make delightful noises. At the same time, there are few tricks of the trade to master.

With consistent practice, you may reach an acceptable level of play in as little as a few months.

However, if you compare novices to professionals, you’ll immediately find that concertinas may sound far better.

The issue arises when you attempt to add a musical sizzle. This is due to the concertina’s restricted range of expression. It would be best if you acquired keyboard speed and a light touch.

Additionally, the bellows must be precisely managed to provide the best note sounds. The bottom line is that, to play the concertina successfully, you must practice and acquire particular abilities.

Concertinas of Various Types

Concertinas are classified into three broad categories:

1. Anglo Concertinas

They may have up to twenty or thirty keys and are specially recommended for Irish music.

The 20-key model has a limited capability in terms of potential octaves, yet it is an excellent choice for beginners.

To improve your playing ability, you’ll need a 30-key Anglo concertina.

2. English Concertinas

Although fans of English folk music prefer English concertinas, they may also be used to performing Irish music.

The two possible configurations include 30 and 48 keys. And due to the chromatic nature of these instruments, regardless of how the bellows move, the same note is played on both pulling and pushing. This  makes the instrument comparable to the piano accordion.

Furthermore, there’s the duet concertinas in this category, which are similar to English concertinas but have a different key layout.

Additionally, there are three major manufacturers (Crane, McCann, and Jeffries), and each manufacturer’s keys are set differently.

3. Dual Concertinas

The primary distinction between this concertina and others is its square form. Additionally, it might be somewhat rectangular. The instrument’s foundation is diatonic, with two rows on each side. Each additional row is tuned one-fifth higher.

How Are Concertinas Played?

To play the instrument, do the following steps:

  • With your fingers tucked into the straps of your concertina, clamp it. Carry out this procedure on both sides, keeping the thumb on the outside. When reversing the instrument, the right hand must be near the air button.
  • Master the home position, which simply means placing your fingertips on the row’s four top buttons. On both sides, this should be the case.
  • Master the art of playing the G and E notes in various octaves. Then advance one note.
  • Add the A note and get acquainted with it.
  • Add the notes F and D.
  • Maintain your practice.

By following this strategy, you will get used to the notes and will be able to learn moves one at a time rather than wallow in them all at once.

Begin with simple songs like “Pop Goes The Weasel” and gradually work your way up in difficulty, but this should only be after you’ve mastered the bellow and finger motions.

What Is the Distinction Between a Concertina and an Accordion?

While the devices operate on a similar premise, there are many external and internal distinctions. A notable one is that the buttons are manipulated differently. When you press concertinas, they go in the below direction.

When playing accordions, you press buttons perpendicular to the bellows.

Additionally, accordions have a bass capable of playing a whole chord. When pressed, concertina buttons play a single note.

How Is a Concertina Fold Defined?

Contrary to the general view, the concertina fold has nothing to do with music.

It is a method of presenting advertising content in the form of a continuous folding of pages, similar to how concertinas seem.

Typically, they are used to create product brochures and lookbooks.


Concertinas are very popular among folk music fans, particularly Irish and English folk melodies.

They are vital but basic musical instruments in terms of operation, but you will need to practice often if you want to be excellent.

Additionally, artistry matters since concertinas supplied by certain manufacturers are far superior.

As a newbie,the 30-button concertina in the McNeela music store is the best fit for you .

When you’ve determined that this is the instrument for you, save money and invest in a concertina made by McNeela music and you will be very glad you got it.