Syncler Best Android App to Watch Movies & TV Shows

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Syncler is one of the best applications to know about movies and TV Shows. It shows up the TV and Movie information which is pulled out from TMDB and Trakt. Syncler is a fork of the old famous application called TVZion, which went off the wires due to cease letters sent to their devs of the application on Reddit.

Like TVZion. Syncler got an amazing interface that will look so much appealing on your screen. It’s loaded up with trakt support and debrid services.

When it comes to scrapers, unlike TVZion, Syncler doesn’t have any kind of scrapers, that go against their third party piracy that cause for desisting notifications. As of now, Syncler has support for Kosmos Providers, and its a third-party list of most working provider websites. To be precise, a provider is a website that shows up the streaming links and syncler has nothing to do with the same. If you got a Debrid account, you are just completely free to add any shows or movies to your Debrid cloud and you will be able to access it from the manager application.

Lets go through some of the features of Syncler App:

  • There are different categories and the contents are well-differentiated and you will be able to find the genre that you are looking for.
  • You can use the inbuilt multimedia player to watch and streams the movies it pops up.
  • The application is getting constant updates with attractive features and this is to make sure that users will stay with the latest contents.

Syncler APK Download on Android

Here we are going to give the latest download link of Syncler APK. Just use this APK as we mentioned down below Syncler APK Download. But before that, you should navigate to your Settings page on your android device. From there, go to security and check on the option of Unknown Sources.

  • Once you have downloaded the latest Syncler APK, you should move the file to a specific location.
  • Click on the APK file to initiate the process.
  • Once you click the APK file, few options will pop up on the screen and they are the necessary permissions that the app will look out for.
  • Click on Install and continue, and it will take few seconds to get it done.
  • When it is done, you can navigate to the home screen and you will be able to see the icon of Syncler APK. Just click on the icon and the app will be launched.

How to enable Real Debrid in Syncler APK?

  • First of all launch the Syncler App.
  • Tap on Settings.
  • Just scroll down to Accounts Tab.
  • Now you should tap on Add Account Option.
  • Just follow the prompt link that will be redirected to the debrid service that you should activate. Once you are done with the same, click on Done in Syncler App, That’s it.

How to setup Helios on Syncler?

First of all, you should activate Syncler+. Once the activation is done, click on Syncler+ in the menu and enter S+ as the Syncler+ code.

  • You should also need a debrid account in order to get Helios as it requires debrid services along with it.
  • Once you are done with the above requirements, Launch Syncler and navigate to the settings.
  • From there, go to Provider Packages > Install > Helios and follow up the simple on-screen instructions that pop up on the screen.
  • Now you should copy-paste the links given below and make sure that after each link, you should add up space.


  • Navigate back to the Syncler App and below Helios Packages, you will be able to see 4 packages that got listed, and now all you got to do is to link your Debrid and trak.tv account.

Frequently Asked Questions

Syncler is a clone of TVZion?

As we have mentioned above, it’s just a fork of TVZion and both apps pose different purpose even though the code of Syncler is entirely same as TVZion. If you want the same on your iOS devices, you guys should try iOSEmus to get it installed on your device.

Will Syncler provide links to the latest Movies and Shows?

NO, Syncler won’t provide any download links to the latest movies and shows, it might support the third party add ons in the coming future. As of now you should have a Debrid account and can add content to Debrid cloud and with the help of Syncler you can sync the same and watch it.

Conclusion – Download Syncler APK

Syncler is one of the best applications out there in the market to sync up your favourite shows and movies and watch it out of any cost. Even though Syncler works up like similar applications, the working method is different, and it’s pretty amazing. We are so sure that this article has helped you out in downloading Syncler Application on your Android device.