How Is Artificial Intelligence Changing The Future Of The Entertainment Industry

Robot's hand typing on keyboard

Go back in time a little, 2 decades earlier maybe, and picture the entertainment industry. It only had a handful of producers and was dominated by monolithic broadcasters. It was nearly impossible to break in.

Today, the industry has been dematerialized. Not just storytellers have increased but the storytelling mediums as well. Netflix has turned the head of the entertainment industry almost overnight. These are so many amazing shows you can watch if you have Spectrum TV packages. I am surprised myself to see such valuable and compelling stories. VR platforms such as Oculus and Daydream have been into action as well and you can expect more. 

AI-based content curation, story building, this is just a glimpse of how Artificial Intelligence is being used in the entertainment industry. More is yet to unleash.

We will now be exploring the creative future of AI and its role in generating customized content. Letís dig in:  

AI Entertainment Assistant 

AI has been bringing stories to life for a long time. With the rise of VR and gigantic virtual worlds, AI has created detailed renderings of dead stars. They have successfully built complex supporting characters with intricate story arcs. Stars such as Amy Winehouse and Marlon Brano have been brought back to the screen already.

AI has been used for embodying virtual avatars as well. They can be converse with VR and very soon, you will be able to customize them as per your individual preferences. But the role of AI is much more than that in the entertainment industryís fast-moving arena. 

Easier Movie Production 

Movies have depicted Artificial Intelligence since the 1920s. The relationship between the two is pretty well established. It just needs to be moved to the next level. 

In the movie industry, there are a bunch of tasks and procedures that are complicated. To achieve something meaningful and worthwhile, a lot more has to be done. The basics we know are scriptwriting, breaking it down, searching for locations, budget, schedule and so on. Most of all, so many people have to come together to make it all happen. A movie doesnít just become great on its own, you know!

Now imagine instead of having so many people involved, you use one automated software that handles all these painstakingly tasks for you and completes them in no time. Thatís what you can get from AI. It allows you to focus on creative production rather than picking all the crumbs and making sure everything is tied together.

NPC Reaction In Video Games

Video gaming is another form of entertainment. People use their smartphones, PCs, and consoles to play their favorite games. There are lots of ways AI is expanding in the gaming industry too. NPC is one of them. NPC stands for non-player characters that fill the gameplay react to the playerís movement and actions. I am sure you are familiar with them. So letís imagine you are the player. An NPC would start shooting at you and maybe even hide behind the obstacles.

You must be thinking whatís the difference? These NPC used to exist before as well. Now, they have been AI-ed. That means they are smart. They analyze the actions of the player. Their response time is even better than before. As this technology improves, games will start featuring NPCs even in multiplayer mode which isnít yet available in current games.

Content Personalization 

Another significant application of AI is content personalization. Entertainment providers use this technology for tailoring content to their customers. For instance, Apple uses the listening history of its users and suggests tracks on the basis of that analysis.

AI-driven content personalization is much more sophisticated than this. This technology also has the ability to analyze Internet connection speed and compress the content in a way that doesnít undermine quality. In other words, if developing countries start using AI, even when the Spectrum Internet speed is slow, users will get access to the content.


Chatbots in the media and entertainment industry can deliver value to help improve the entertainment experience and enable companies for communicating with their audience. According to business insider, 80 percent of the enterprises will start using chatbots in 2020.

Chatbots do a pretty amazing job transforming the customer experience. In the media and entertainment industry, they can understand user behavior. On the basis of this information, they send news, weather alerts, event updates, movie recommendations, etc.

Itís not considered challenging to integrate AI in media anymore. All you need is an AI developer.

So Basically, Everythingís Changing

Artificial intelligence is a modern human ingenuity. For years, itís been a dream to create a being that acts like us and thinks like us. This was a fantasy a few decades ago but itís turning into a reality. VR and AR trends and other digital disruptions have made it possible. But thereís one thing to say, itís just the beginning.