Cool Facts You Should Know About Harry Potter!

Hello! Potter heads, you might have watched all the movies of the Harry Potter series, but the genius that J.K Rowling is has left quite a few clues and hints to keep you wondering! Here are some really cool facts about this series. Most of you will have to watch Harry Potter again to notice these subtle hints!

Top Unknown Harry Potter Facts

Harry and Voldemort are related

Yep, that’s the right thing you read. Blood actually connects the two sides of good and evil – which are the structure of the entire story in the first place. Certainly this relationship might be fickle, but the fact that the relationship still exists is not negative. The Peverells are the main culprits — the people who have been the main topic of a popular history in the world of sorcery.

Voldemort’s Boggart Was His Own Creation

Let us remind you what a Boggart is, if you have forgotten. This particular creature has no form or shape, and weaves its look according to the deepest fears of a person. Introducing this creature in The Azkaban Prisoner was some of the book’s most interesting events (in other words the film).

However, there was one question in everyone? What if the person looking at Boggard was none other than Voldemort himself? When this creature was revealed? J.K. J. K. Rowling put these rumors to rest by declaring that Voldemort’s greatest fear is his own disappearance.

Hermione Got Back With Her Parents

The stage in which Hermione decided to make her parents forget her life was one of the most chilling moments of the entire series, owing to the grave implications (not to mention the sheer quantity of plotholes that would also arise). The simplicity of such an action is also very alarming and the fact that this situation may be irreversible … But that might not be the case.

The Marauder’s Map Was Stolen By Harry’s Son James

The Marauder ‘s Map is indeed one of the most innovative magical instruments in the world of Harry Potter and has also been used as an important way for Harry to stay in touch with the spirit of his dad. This magic document was somewhat forgotten later in the show.

Teddy Lupin Became the Head Boy of Hufflepuff

Being the head boy of every house entails a certain level of responsibility that one must be acutely aware of if they choose to take on this specific role. This is certainly why only those people who are best able to take on this monumental task are chosen. This is also important if it is a person who is responsible for this role. This is also important.

Arthur’s Survival Made Lupin as An Scapegoat

The Harry Potter series has a lot of lovely characters and it is definitely traumatic to see any of them pass on the other side. Sirius’ passing might be the first time that Harry (and us) had lost a rather important character in tears. However, it seemed like others were not, while this tragic event was previously planned.

No More can Harry Speak Parseltongue

The Chamber of Secrets in the Harry Potter Universe is a memorable chapter. This showed Hogwarts and the wizard world a darker side and set the tone to Harry’s integral role in the other adventures. An iconic moment from the book (and by extension the film) came when Harry could talk to a snake that Malfoy had conjured in Parseltongue.

The Evil Surrounding Slytherin House Does Not Exist Anymore

It goes without saying that Slytherin is the first thing that comes to mind when people talk about the personifications of malignantness while remembering the Harry Potter universe. After all, some of the worst and most scandalous people (including a certain person not to be named) were drawn up at the beginning.

Newt Scamander’s Grandson and Luna are Married.

Luna Lovegood is obviously one of the most eccentric figures in the Harry Potter series and luckily, J.K. Rowling could mold her character so that she was still positive without her odd behavior being too irritating. It is not surprising, therefore, that many fans in the Harry Potter series were curious when it came to her future.