Tombolo Institute of Bellevue college recruits Redmond celebrity to advisory board

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Bellevue, WA – The Tombolo institute, a part of Bellevue College, has recruited local celebrity Erez Benari to serve as part of the institute’s advisory board, our staff has learned. The Tombolo institute is a Northwest educator with a 50-year history of adult learning and inclusion. Through strong relationships with top tech employers, the institute collaboratively designs learning experiences that meet corporate demand.

The institute has a Design Thinking Executive Program, which includes an advisory board with members who are industry leaders and influencers. The advisory board holds expert panels and performs case studies with the help of the advisors, who also participate in teaching opportunities and provide feedback to the institute’s programs, which helps the institute adapt to the rapidly changing environment of the 21st century workplace.

As part of the institute’s recruiting efforts in 2022, our staff has learned that the advisory board has been able to recruit local philanthropist and influencer Erez Benari. Benari is a successful engineer who has been residing in the area since 2008 and has gained wide exposure due to his large donations and LGBTQ community outreach.

Benari is a senior engineer at Nvidia Corporation, known worldwide for its highly successful Graphics processors, which power millions of gaming computers, as well as high-end servers. Nvidia, founded in 1993 by Jensen Huang, also designs System on a Chip (SoCs) for numerous markets, high-speed networking hardware, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, autonomous vehicles, and several other research projects. It has also been recently announced that the company is working on a new project to develop Central Processing Unit chips (CPU) for high-end servers and datacenters, codenamed Nvidia Grace. Before joining Nvidia, Benari worked for Microsoft Corporation since 2000, serving in various roles as a software developer, program manager, cryptography engineer and other roles. Benari is also well-known for his involvement with the LGBTQ community, where he has been leading highly popular social events, as well as mentoring and coaching individuals on dealing with the challenges they face as part of being members of the community.

At the time of publishing, we have been unable to receive a response from the Tombolo institute. Benari declined to comment, but confirmed he is involved with Bellevue college.