International Students Find their Home away from Home in the UK

Every year millions of people leave their home country and move to a foreign land for work, education, and business. Amberstudent has taken an initiative to solve the house hunting and booking problems for 5 million students crossing geographies every year. So what is Amberstudent? It is a One-click platform for cross-border students to book accommodation without the hassle of negotiation, non-standardized and cumbersome paperwork, lack of credit score, and broken payment process; with the correct localization of data for the correct cross-border experience.

AmberStudent is South-East Asia’s largest student accommodation platform helping students all across the globe. So how can you book your accommodation with them? Well, the process of booking accommodation with Amberstudent is quite easy- All you have to do is provide them with your accommodation preferences like distance from the university, bedroom types, security, budget, etc. and they would send them to their agents abroad. Once this is done, you will get an email with the list of personalized properties. And once you are done selecting your ideal property, all you have to do is mail them back your choice and they would take the process further. Also, they provide free assistance to the students!

Since its establishment in 2016, has provided purpose-built student accommodation in close proximity to the educational institutions mainly in the U.S, the U.K, Australia, Ireland currently expanding in other countries as well. AmberStudent has helped millions of international students find their “home away from home” abroad by providing ideal accommodation in about 100 cities, and near 600 universities with more to come.

Home to many well-renowned companies, educational institutes and universities, London is one of the blooming student markets. Housing more than 11300+ rooms, Amberstudent has successfully provided over 7000+ students with their happy homes in London.
While there are many classifieds like Zillow, Trulia, Zoopla Rightmove which all assist in discovery but miss localising property attributes for cross-border consumers, Amberstudent offers hassle-free cross border experience with a personalized touch. Being one of the widely trusted student accommodation platforms, the students need not have to worry about finding their ideal student accommodation in London while booking through Amberstudent. Also, they offer free end to end assistance for students which includes right from finding accommodation, communicating with the foreign property managers, to Negotiation of rent and security deposit when you dont have a credit score to booking your ideal room, Amberstudent has got you all covered.