How to read effectively for exams, learning and fun!

Reading plays a crucial role in preparation of any exam. It is needed to understand concepts in various exams. As per IBPS, SBI PO,UPTET csir net syllabus ,which include reading comprehension based questions, it is even more important !

A national or state level aspirant often finds himself in an exam specific pool of study materials including IBPS, SBI, IAS, CSIR NET books, articles, blogs and sheets.The books that you choose are important but what’s even more important is the way you read. Not just just academics or preparation, but reading for leisure is another domain that reading takes us to.

Here are some tips on how to make your reading more effective and efficient:

Read on the mode of Exam: The very first step is to set up your brain to a particular mode of reading. If your exam is in offline mode, concentrate on reading more through books and physical material. Refer to the internet for doubts. Try to take out a printout of notes or books that you need from the internet. If your upcoming exam is on online mode, the basics can be studied through books but you should make a habit of reading online as much as possible. Read blogs and other stuff on your laptop or desktop.  Avoid using your phone for reading purposes.

Finish everything you read: To read more effectively, and to develop a habit, it is important that you complete everything that you start reading. Treat this habit like a non negotiable contract with yourself. This habit makes you a patient reader. Finish off everything you pick up, be it a book or an article or a concept. Do not skim through. Another advantage of this habit is that you develop the approach to understanding things. You become more receptive to what is written or said. In case of exams while you are reading a boring reading comprehension passage, you do not lose focus if you have this habit.  A lot of times, candidates lose their interest in passage and end up answering questions wrongly. So, develop this habit and conquer the RCs.

Read for at least 45 mins at a stretch : Devote more time to reading. While reading do not play with your phone or lose focus.  Read for about an hour each time you sit to read. This will help you develop patience in reading. To start with, use your phone to give you an alarm at a particular time indicating that now it is time to read. Everyday, start reading at the same time with a stopwatch. Do not end your reading session before 45 mins.

Make notes:

It is advisable that you make small notes while reading.Its is like engaging and interacting with what you read.It makes it more effective. When you read and reproduce it or a part of it, the memory gets etched deeper in your brain. When you read current affairs, keep making notes. Make categorised notes for current affairs like national, sports etc. Revise what you read and write frequently. If you are reading an article in the newspaper or the internet for improving your vocabulary, make notes for new words and their meanings. While reading a book, always keep a pen in your hand. Use sticky notes or a rough book to jot down your thoughts and questions that you have. If you are into academic reading, create summarized notes at the end. If you are reading a self help guide or a motivational book, keep writing about your target areas and plans that you think will help. This will help you remember things you read in the book the last time.

Hope you liked this short read. Keep reading 🙂