A quick guide to new careers in digital

cloud solutions

Once upon a time, not too long ago, nobody had a job in the digisphere. In fact, not so long ago, the digisphere wasnt even a word at all. But it is now, and it is a space that is expanding very rapidly.

From a situation at the turn of the century when Google was a fledgling company, making its way in world of search with no apparent business model at all, to a new reality with social media, artificial intelligence, voice commanded internet, three-dimensional printing and real-time streaming services, we have come a very long way.

In a very short space of time. This has led to a huge number of changes in how business is conducted, and in the roles that people are employed to fill. With this in mind, here are a few new occupations and spheres that you might want to consider exploring.

Ive looked at clouds from both sides now

Joni Mitchell once sang about clouds and their beauty, but that was in a simpler time when clouds were just things that floated idly past in the sky. Now the cloud is a place where all manner of things are stored digitally, and it is where everyone is taking their business.

Gone are the days of server racks and server rooms, this is now something that can be outsourced and managed remotely. It has given rise to all manner of new experts operating in that field as well, from hardware experts to enterprise cloud consulting gurus who will help set you up with the most efficient, latency-free solution for all your digital needs.

Does size matter?

Big data companies are on the rise and they are starting to make a major impression. What does this mean exactly? Well, everyone who exists in the digital realm leaves a footprint and big data is about making sense of those footprints and harnessing it to be something useful.

In short, every digital touchpoint that is left by a digital user is collected and dropped into a data lake. It is then mapped and analysed to identify trends and patterns and to help inform decisions. It is a wild new frontier that is being developed at an exponential rate, but if you have ever wondered how you are targeted to see certain advertisements or feeds in your social media the answer is big data.


One of the most-handy things about digital is that every event and action that happens there is trackable. With old-school media, it was easy to know how many copies of a newspaper had been purchased or what advertising had been in a magazine, but that was about as far as it went. Digital is completely trackable, and publishers and advertisers now spend fortunes on hiring analytics experts who will track key events and make sure that everything is optimised as effectively as possible.

They will look to ensure that a story that is published is viewed as many times as possible, that advertising rates are optimised and that brands are getting the best possible return on investment possible for their spend. It is big business and agencies and publishers are investing heavily in analytics experts.