14 Skills To Help You Survive University


University life could be a roller coaster ride. Yes, freedom and independence can be liberating and fun. But you’ll soon realize that undergrad days are full of challenges. So, the quicker you realize that university is not all about parties or games, the easier it will be for you to adjust.

You risk ending up in stress and without a dollar in your pocket if you don’t discipline and control yourself. So, why should you face the university life challenges alone when you can use the survival tips from experienced graduates – Top Assignment Writing Service experts? Read on to see what skills will do you a good favor in the first study years. 

1. Create A Budget

Students need to budget the allowance for rent, food, school, and transportation. Useless spending can make you broke and out of food. So, drafting a budget and sticking to it can help you a lot in your undergrad days. Furthermore, budgeting is an adult life organization skill that you’ll be going to use for the rest of your life.

2. Avoid Bad Decisions

University years are the challenging period of regretful actions and bad decisions. For instance, getting drunk and partying all night is fine as long as you don’t have a class, exam, or unsubmitted assignments that need to finish. But, if you have one, you should go home early and study. Don’t give in to peer pressures; OUR WEBSITE experts conducted research showing that two-thirds of students unable to say “no” to friends and prioritize studies drop out within the first year. 

3. Start a Meal Plan

College years will be full of instant noodles, instant coffee, and instant meals. Such food can help you save money and stay nourished on the go, but keep in mind that you are not getting any healthier. A better solution is to develop a thorough meal plan to decide which ingredients to buy in bulk. It will help your brain because you are eating healthy food and saving money at the same time. 

4. Take Down Lecture Notes

There’s always a possibility that you’ll forget what you’ve learned in class, and you’ll discover that right before an exam. So, make a habit of writing lecture notes you can comprehend for your study sessions and exams. Buy highlighters for your books and notes, or bring your iPad to class for note-taking.

5. Learn to Read

You need to be prepared for classes and exams, and reading will help you do that. If you are struggling, try the Pomodoro technique in reading. Read for 25 minutes straight and take a 5-minute break. Do four Pomodoro cycles and take a 30-minute break after. It will help you remember what you’ve read, comprehending the material better.

6. Practice Asking for Help

Being a loner will not be effective in college. You have to be resourceful, and asking for help is one way to do that. Make use of your professors by asking relevant questions about the subject. Also, you can ask for help from your friends to tutor you and help with assignments. For emotional issues, don’t hesitate to go to the university’s counselor for support and guidance.

7. Learn To Cook

All students should learn to cook. Many vlogs teach simple college meals, which are easy to prepare and affordable. Cooking will allow you to save, plus you can ensure that your food is healthy and nutritious. 

8. Do Your Laundry

Call your mom for laundry tips not to end up having a white shirt with pink marks. Learn to segregate clothes on the machine and allocate a laundry allowance.

9. Keep Your Place Clean

You won’t have your mom by your side in college, and for you to survive rats and cockroaches, you have to clean the room. It’s better to buy cleaning stuff and chemicals in advance, organizing them and scheduling the cleaning day for the time when you’re not in class. 

10. Respect Your Roommate

Respect each other’s privacy and avoid taking their things without permission. It would also make your college days easier if you have a roommate that is your friend. So, make an effort to establish close, friendly relationships. For example, you can share food or give greetings that could uplift their mood.

11. Use Student Discounts

OUR WEBSITE experts recommend taking advantage of the promos, coupons, and discounts offered to students. It will make you wiser and intentional in spending. Besides, you can use the extra money you saved to buy important class books.

12. Find Good Friends

It is always essential to have people you can rely on whenever you are in distress. Friends will help you be happy, and they will become your support system while your family is far away.

13. Learn Time Management

In university, you will have more than five subjects, and each teacher will give you assignments. Besides that, one subject might have a surprise exam the next day while you have to finish the essay on the other. You will be busy, and one way to fight this is planning. Drop the unimportant activities and work on having good grades.

14. Be Goal-Oriented

It’s tempting to have party time and forget all your responsibilities, but if you have a goal, you will work on it day and night. The goal is to graduate and get your degree, so you’d better stay focused on that goal throughout your studies. Write your goals on your wall to stay motivated every day and get back to that list when the student routines are getting too challenging.