PowerPoint Is Revolutionizing Professional Presentation Design

Presentation Design

Many softwares become defunct after becoming outdated and irrelevant but not Microsoft’s PowerPoint. PowerPoint is a presentation design platform that has grown and adapted over the years by integrating new elements to keep up with (and compliment) modern styles, trends, and technological advancements.

PowerPoint is never stagnant. It is constantly changing and evolving, only maintaining its usefulness and effectiveness when it comes to presentation creation.

Presentations are needed more and more in both educational and business settings, as they are used for pitching ideas, sharing information, providing company-wide updates and more. For this reason, the need for an efficient and user-friendly presentation design software has only increased.

PowerPoint has grown and made advancements to make their software that much more effective for these increasing presentation needs. Learn about how PowerPoint’s capabilities and advancements are revolutionizing presentation design:

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Professional Agencies

PowerPoint has advanced to the point that people invest time to become experts in the platform and its wide variety of functions. Now, businesses have access to PowerPoint designers who specialize in the platform and offer professional design services.

The presence of professional PowerPoint design agencies is a cultural advancement that indicates the power and universality of the platform as a presentation creation software. These agencies are highly proficient in the software, are up to date on the latest features integrated into the platform and have a thorough understanding of the software’s capabilities.

Your business can make use of the platform’s advances by getting a high-quality presentation made by a professional design agency.

Wireless Earbuds

Microsoft announced the release of its wireless earbuds in early October of 2019. These $249 wireless earbuds offer users the ability to advance PowerPoint slides with an easy tap. These earbuds, called the “Surface Earbuds” are promised to have 24 hours of battery life.

These earbuds boast integration capabilities with Microsoft’s Office 365 suite, which is how users can use the product to advance PowerPoint slides. Business Insider reports that the earbuds will pair with windows and android devices over Bluetooth.

Users will also be able to use the product to control Spotify and answer phone calls. The earbuds will come with a charging case and boast Microsoft-specific features through their integration with the Office 365 suite. In addition to PowerPoint integrations, users will also be able to dictate text into apps like Microsoft Word.


The Surface Earbuds are not the end of Microsoft’s integration abilities. Most recently, The Verge reported on the suite’s new integration with Slack, a leading communication software used within companies. This integration links the two platforms together in many ways, including the ability to fully preview PowerPoint slides in chats that can then be opened in OneDrive.

AI Presenter Coach

Microsoft is making many moves to integrate AI into its suite, its most recent effort being the addition of an AI Presenter Coach to PowerPoint. This literal presentation coach tool is designed to give personal and constructive feedback on your presentation when it is being reviewed in rehearsal mode. The coaching tool advises on pacing, inclusive language, filler words, pauses and more. Most importantly, this tool will help presenters identify if they are just reading off of their slides the biggest presentation faux pas a presenter can make.

The presenter coach will provide its assessment through a dashboard outlining the strengths and weaknesses of your presentation.

AI Designer

PowerPoint’s AI Designer suggests visual elements like images and colour schemes to help you design the best slide deck for your business. The thing is, however, that this tool doesn’t take into consideration your brand guide. To ensure a balance of effective images and consistent branding, you can enlist the help of a professional PowerPoint designer to create a set template for your business.

The increasing capabilities of the software can be challenging to stay on top of. It’s beneficial to have professional PowerPoint designers on hand who have a strong grasp on all of the software’s capabilities and functions.