53 Personal Portfolio Examples for Inspiration

To provide better service to your clients, one need to be a good designer and developer, but how to get your client to like you? This can be done by making your graphic design portfolio that makes an impression on clients.

This personal portfolio examples contains all the work you have done in the past with information about the project and something about you. There are no hard and fast rules of making a portfolio, and you can be creative as much as you can. Mostly portfolio is made with javascript effects, HTML5 and CSS3 coding to make them stand out and appeal to customer.

Today this collection showcases some of the best graphic design personal portfolio examples from around the web. So, inspire yourself and make one excellent portfolio of yours.

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Robby Leonardi

Robby Leonardi is known for his Mario Style CV and his impressive body of work to date. He has been a constant as one of the nominees for the Best Online Portfolio’s in the world. His work is inspired by games and presents information about his skills and experience in the style of a platform game. This style of developing and resumes has been found to be very interactive in nature and has inspired much of his work. His style of work has been used diversely for online advertising projects such as rich media, banner, landing page, and micro site.

Kaloian Toshev

Vibrant colors, loud and dark background it shows the creativity and it attracts visitor flow. Kaloian Toshev is famous for drawing girls and draws her inspiration from the beauty of the girls around the world.  Work has been recognized and utilized by biggies such as Audi, Heineken, Ballantines and Absolut.

Portfolio of Dutch Designer Evout

Evoute is a Dutch designer and illustrator. His portfolio website reflects his creative, cartoonish style and bright colors. The designs are also easy to navigate by simply scrolling through his amazing characters.

Kevin Tresor

This cartoon styled web design has vibrant colors, friendly aesthetics and it has language changing capability as well. Most of his work depicts graphics and uses graffiti as a base for his website development.


Marcio Bomfim is a website developer and designer for the last 13 years. He has been designing interactive interfaces and has studied Web Design Degree and Ergonomics, Usability and HCI Post Graduation Degree. He mostly finds his inspiration from comics and the same is depicted very highly in his work.

Jacob Grubbe

Its a unique way to introduce yourself, when a visitor types the website writes and tells about Jacob Grubbe. Surely a unique idea. He believes that there is no need to complicate things all the time, sometimes you can display your work and your view through it simply.

Lizzie Seymour

Lizzie Seymour has an obvious passion for drawing, clearly displaying her character designs and illustrations. A quirky personality is highlighted through everything displayed within her portfolio, from the choice of soft pale colours to the cute animated characters decorating her page.  

Brian Rhinehart’s Portfolio Kineticshadows

He is one of the best web developers and designers available today that makes use of UI/UX interfaces to give out his best work. He has been in the field for the past 17 years and the collective experience shows in the kind of work put out.

Jeremy Peters

Jeremy Peters believes in capturing life moments, just as they are. His use of colours are vibrant and so is the style of writing. His website portfolio focuses on portraiture and wildlife photography.

Björn Meier

The designs by Björn Meier are clean in presentation and easy to navigate and understand. Everything is enhanced by the clean, simple design, which doesn’t detract from the most important part of the portfolio, his work.

Graphic Designer & Illustrator David Arazim’s Portfolio

David is an illustrator and graphic designer from Czech Republic whose work is available on his website mediocre. He displays quirkiness through his work using a funky style of writing paired with the right graphics. This makes the images and presentations more fun to watch rather than the formal way of designing.

Jorge Atgu


Hayk is short for HiHayk who is a young 23-year-old full-time freelance designer. His portfolio website is simple and clean, which displays his talent in visual design.

Ukrainian Creative Studio Piezo Design

Fabrizio Del Gaudio

Stereo Creative

Stereo Creative is a London based studio that creates a simple yet striking portfolio site. They understand a consumer’s emotional relationship with a brand. The agency’s work takes center stage on its website, with plenty of colorful, full-width images, and videos showing off what they can do.

Russian Web Studio Iji Digital

Colin Grist

Colin Grist is a UK based web designer and developer who has been in the field for the past decade. He works as a freelancer on most projects and is notable at his works with Blue Cross, Cancer Research, NSPCC, StandUp2Cancer, the Bank of England and WaterAid.


Blackpool Web Studio Friendly Duck

The Mealings

Jeremy Sallee

Jeremy Sallee is a web designer with a penchant for clean and simple interfaces. He is a web and graphic designer whose designs are clean, modern and reusable in nature.

Digital Agency Pixelslave

Pixel Slave is a digital agency with designs that are vibrant and add a pop of colour to your otherwise dull templates. It is preferred usually by the newer generations since it an agency that is built not too long ago.

Lotta Nieminen

Lotta Nieminen is one of the renowned web designers and graphic artists in the world. Her work is recognized by various institutions and have received awards for a lot of her work. She believes in creating holistic visual solutions for clients across disciplines which is depicted very well in the work she does.  

Marc Thomas

Marc Thomas is an English web designer known for his cute online portfolio enhanced by the pale colour combinations of warm pinks, greens and yellow colours. He is a digital designer and front-end developer whose responsive icons brings up fun interactions amongst his viewers.

Ideal Hut

Joey Lomanto’s Portfolio

Julien Renvoye

Robin Morris’ Portfolio Digitalmash


Rosie Lee

Richard Evans’ Portfolio Edpeixoto

Richard Evans specializes in abstract, surreal and conceptual design. He is based out of Birmingham, UK and works as a freelance graphic designer and retoucher

Mark Lamb

Mark Lamb is one of the experienced web designers with 18 years of experience in product and platform design with 10+ years building and leading design teams. Currently working at Adobe, his designs are more straightforward, clean and formal in looks.

Frank Chimero

Frank Chimero is a designer with a vision to make words speak through his designs. He believes that designs must convey a message and that is his aim with his work.

Portuguese Web Studio Cafundo

Positive Hype

Studio Airport

Studio Airport is a young Dutch design agency. Their designs are such that they turn heads of viewers and potential future clients. Funky style of writing and bold fonts are used aptly to bring out the message to the viewer.

Art & Design Studio Racket


Paul Currah

Paul Currah is an award winning web designer known for innovative and creative web solutions. His work is not only creative but also engaging with the customers, communicating the message of the clients to the viewers across various mediums of communication.

Australian Web Studio IceLab

Aaron Moody

Aaron Moody is a web designer who is balanced in his approach towards designer. He knows how to create the balance between his clients and the customers expectations. He pays a great attention to detail, time, budget, and communication when it comes to developing designs.


Teacake is a design agency formed less than two decades ago by a team that specializes in like-minded inspiring and innovative web designs. Their client list extends to hold a lot popular names in the world such as Sotheby’s and Mother Espresso and they provide creative yet eye-catching designs.

Russian Creative Studio Creative People

Justin Aguilar

Justin Aguilar is a 21-year old designer from Toronto whose designs are compact and modern and communicate the message with their clear designs.


Smart is run by a team of professionals excelling in graphic design, communication and information technology. They have two offices- one in Peru and second in Buenos Aires. Their designs are simple with with the grey images turning to full colour once you look at each project.

Nemanja Ivanovic’s Portfolio

Nemanja Ivanovic is a freelancer Serbian designer who began designing from the time he was in his 20’s. he has worked for giants such as Google, Nike and Redbull. His designs are crisp and sharp. His main focus lies in understanding modern digital design and accomplishing business goals in close communication with his clients.

Olly Sorsby

Olly Sorsby is a freelance graphic designer excelling in brand identity and web design. His designs are bold both in their style of writing and in the way the designs are incorporated with images.

Olly Gibbs

Olly Gibbs is a London-based multidisciplinary designer and illustrator. His work experience ranges from working with Warner Bros. and the Salvation Army. His designs bring out the playful side of him and is colourful and fun to look at.

Thibaud’s Portfolio

El Passion


Pollen is a design agency that specializes in branding, design and marketing communications.

Fred Maya’s Portfolio

Fred Maya is an exceptional designer who is unique by way of making use of content in her designs as a way to stand out. Her portfolio makes use of shapes to emphasize the logo and the previous work.