7 Best Infographic Maker You Should Definitely try in 2016

In my previous article (Boost Rankings with Infographics) I explained why creating an infographic can be good for SEO. Continuing on Infographics, today I will share some of the best Infographic maker services/websites that can be highlyuseful for designers (best graphic design magazines) and non-designers.

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Visme is one of the best tools for creating infographics that are engaging. It has tons of elements including shapes, icons, and templates that can be used freely to create attractive visual content.

Templates here provide all the essentials like placeholder text and graphics that you just need to replace and your infographic is ready to be served. Visme currently provide three projects for free with a Visme logo as an inclusion.


Vizualize.me provide you a resume that is highly creative and can be a future prospect for many. With changing scenarios in hiring the world, this service can provide you an extra hand while creating a resume that’s awesomely represented.

There is very few type of services that offer such helpful features, we can also call them as an infographic resume generators. I am sure much more of these services will be seen in near future as the old resumes need an overhaul now.

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Canva is the latest tool that I have used for image editing. And I am absolutely liking it. It has all kind of options for personal, social media and work related projects.

It gives you preformatted text, layouts and search engine for images (free and premium) and with that you also have templates that give you a jumpstart while creating presentations, infographics and much more. Definitely worth a try.

4.Google Developers

Google chart tool is another perfect infographic maker for your site. Its simple to use and of course free as per Google’s standard.

The chart tools can create a variety of configuration and options for making your infographic look great on your website.


Easel.ly are particularly focussed service that provide infographic designs, althoought it lacks a proper how-to section, but if you need the basics then it can do the job.


Another fabulous tool with great introduction and tour on their site. It has simple interface and tons of elements to be added into your next infographic.

Designed to non-designers, Piktochart has interactive maps, resizable canvas and design-driven charts that makes it even more cooler.


A nice tool that is free to use and have number of elements that can be added like charts, image, videos, graphs, etc.

You can publish your creation of infographic on Infogr.am website and embed it our yours or social media sites.

That’s it for now, I will leave you with another article of mine where I have listed the free graphic design software and the best graphic magazines. So, use new software and learn new skills of being a designer.

I hope you might have liked the article, do share your comments on which tool do you feel works perfectly and has a more user-friendly interface. And also, tell us any more infographic makers that we can add to this list.