50 Excellent Gimp Tutorials for Beginners and Intermediate Users

Using Photoshop for editing a photo is fun but it comes at a price, Photoshop is not a free software, although now with Adobe cloud, you can use Photoshop online as a web app, and its cost is also reduced to monthly payments (usage based plans). But, if you know about GIMP, that is a free software and most suitable alternative to Photoshop, then you have the opportunity to be a good graphic designer.

In this article, we present you 50 GIMP tutorials for graphic designers that match the potential of Photoshop. There are not many tutorials around for GIMP, but we try to find the best possible ones, which provide you the same effects that Photoshop has to offer. We also have some video tutorials from YouTube, that are great to learn from.

Do tell us how did you find the tutorials and if you have any GIMP tutorial, then please share it with us. We await your valuable comments.

1. Neon Lights Tutorial

2. Gimp Basics

3. Splattered Vector in GIMP

4. Recoloring Eyes

5. The User Interface

6. Creating a Dark Surreal Image

7. Lineart Tutorial

8. Authentic Vintage Effect

9. Design an Apple iPhone Advertisement in GIMP

10. Easy Sig

11. Selective Decolorization

12. Designing iPod Touch in GIMP

13. A colored swirl of light

14. Cracked Face Effect

15. Fake Tilt Shift

16. Create a nice oilpainting from a photo

17. Using Curves to Improve Contrast

18. Add HDR-Like Effect to a Normal Portrait Picture

19. Making a pencil drawing from a photo

20. Streching shadows by using curves

21. GIMP Galaxy

22. Gimp Sin City Tutorial

23. Create a Graduated Neutral Density Filter to Enhance Photos

24. Colorful Light Effect in GIMP

25. Flame Abstract Tutorial

26. Create a Sketch Effect

27. The Ultimate GIMP Planet Tutorial

28. How to create Lightsaber effects

29. Skin Airbrushing

30. GIMP Cool Shapes Effect Tutorial

31. Grunge brush pack + tutorial

32. Improve Night Shots Using Curves

33. Awesome Bokeh Effect in GIMP

34. Resizing fade effect

35. Turn a digital photo into Polaroid

36. Brains Icon

37. How to make a pile of worms in Gimp

38. Full Flare Control with The Gimp

39. Glossy Bolt Tutorial in GIMP

40. Abstract Art

41. Transform a Photo into Pop Art

42. Graffiti Tutorial

43. GIMP tutorial Basics

44. Create a 3D Pop-out Effect

45. Split-Toning in GIMP

46. Layers + Inking

47. Eraser to Transparent Background Removal

48. Mac Style Wallpaper

49. Using the Scissor Tool

50. Semi-Advanced Photo Manipulation