How to Create your own Logo for restaurant business using Designhill

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Mercedes has a triangular star representing its dominance over land, air, and sea. Apple Inc. has a bitten apple, McDonald’s golden arches, and Nike’s swoosh—these are instantly recognizable iconic logos.  The logo of your business is not merely a symbol, but it serves as an essential element of your brand identity. Whenever you think of a company of high repute, it’s the logo that would probably strike your mind.


It’s because the logo is the most noticeable thing about business. While a compelling logo leaves a long-lasting memory on customers and wins their loyalty, a casually designed logo can spoil the entire reputation of a company.

This is why a logo must be professional, straightforward, and striking.

So how can you get one such logo?

Hiring a professional graphic designer, a freelancer, or an agency are some options you can opt to create your logo. But hiring a designer is always an expensive affair. If you’re short on budget, it cannot be an excuse for not having a beautiful logo. There are plenty of logo makers using which you can create your logo. But what you exactly need is a low-cost artificially intelligent logo maker — like Designhill — a user-friendly online logo creator tool.

To help you create your logo on your own like a pro, I’ll illustrate you step-by-step how Designhill’s logo maker can generate stunning logos. I’m picking Designhill because it’s a pretty simple tool that does not require any graphic design skills or experience. This AI-powered software has tens of thousands of premium fonts, icons and graphics, and you just need to pick your favorites. Furthermore, editing is exceptionally effortless in this tool that allows you to design an awesome logo for your business in just a few minutes.

How to Start With

Here, we’ll create a logo for a restaurant business named — The Food Court.

First, go to the Designhill’s logo maker. Enter your company name in the text field and click on Generate Logo. I entered “The Food Court” (See the screenshot below).

How to Start With

Picking of Design Styles

This step is significant as it helps the system understand your preferred design style. So let’s pick at least five design styles from a huge library of logo templates made using Designhill. Just select any five design templates you like most and click on the Continue button to continue the process.

Picking of Design Styles

N.B: Scroll down the page to view plenty of design styles and pick a minimum of five templates.

Picking Colors

Now, you need to select a maximum of three colors you like. This artificially intelligent tool will generate logos based on the choice you made.

Let’s pick three colors that we want to see in the logo and click the Continue button to proceed.

Picking Colors

N.B: Picking color is not mandatory, and you can skip this step.

Entering Slogan & Industry Type

This step will ask you to enter your company data such as Company Name and Slogan (leave blank if there’s none). Then, select the industry you’re into from the Select Industry drop-down list. These are the crucial information for your logo, so fill them carefully and click Continue.

Entering Slogan & Industry Type

Since we’ve already entered The Food Court in the Company Name field in the first step, we don’t need to fill again. In the Slogan field, we’ll enter the taste of gen-next and Restaurant as industry type.

Add up to 5 symbols

Next, you’ll require choosing a maximum of five symbols from plenty of icons based on your industry type. However, it’s not mandatory, and you can skip this step.  We’ll select five symbols relevant to the restaurant industry. Those symbols will be placed on the top right side of the page.

Add up to 5 symbols

Edit your logo

This step will require you to sign in. If you don’t have an account with Designhill yet, you’ll need to create one. Alternatively, you can log in with your Facebook, Twitter, or Google account.

The artificially intelligent system has generated plenty of customized logos. Now, you’ll need to choose one that you like most (you can click on Load more to see more logo options).

Edit your logo

You can also make changes in your logo. Click on the Edit Logo button on your logo which will take you to the editor tool where you’ll be able to make changes to fonts, text, symbol, colors, slogan, container, etc. Besides, you can change the placement of symbol and slogan to please your senses. The logo editor tool is quite flexible and capable of performing changes effortlessly.

Edit your logo2

We picked the logo below for the restaurant business and edited few things such as brought logo to the left side of the company name, changed the background color, and font family of the slogan.

That’s it! This is our final logo for the restaurant business. Now, we just need to download it.

Edit your logo3

Preview on Different Articles

Preview on Different Articles

Designhill logo maker tool is brilliant. Powered by artificial intelligence, the system will also allow you to have a feel of how your logo will look like on different products such as a t-shirt, cutleries, visiting card, bag, website, bottles, etc.

Downloading/Purchasing of Logo

Now that your stunning logo has been created, you will need to download it. Choose a package, depending upon your business requirements and budget. There are two options – Basic and Premium. The third option is Enterprise which is altogether a different concept. In the Enterprise package, you can launch a designing contest for your logo where you’ll receive dozens of design samples created by designers from around the globe. And, you award one designer by choosing his/her logo design.

We’ll go with the Premium — the most popular package — which provides high-resolution logo files such as SVG, PNG, JPEG, and EPS. All of the logo folders in the zipped file can be downloaded after making payment through PayPal using a valid credit card.

Packages, Price, and Features

Packages, Price, and Features

Yippee! Finally, we have our logo for the restaurant business. Without having any designing experience or skills, we’ve created our great logo on our own.

Designhill’s logo maker is indeed a fantastic tool that helped me design a beautiful logo. It is incredibly user-friendly, and I’m sure that anyone can create a logo.

What Did I Think of Designhill’s Logo Maker?

I was in the restaurant business for a couple of years and wanted my business to be viewed globally, especially in my city, to reach out to a broader audience base. Initially, I booked the domain and got the website developed. The next most important part was to create an impressive logo for brand identity, for which I tried several online logo maker tools. As I was short on budget, I didn’t consider hiring a graphic designer. When i watched online tutorial about how to create a logo and i used Designhill’s logo maker tool, it amazed me with its user-friendliness and affordability. I just fell in love with this excellent software.

Designhill’s logo maker is powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML); the technologies that help logo maker learn continuously which design work well together. Every time a user uses this tool, it gets better. Over 700,000 enterprises worldwide have used this tool to design their logo. The process is quite simple, quick and responsive. I would recommend this logo maker tool to my friends, or anyone who wants to create a logo with a tighter budget.

Hope this could help you create your own logo.