30 Awesome Calligraphy Fonts to be used for Brilliance in Design

Every design requires some special elements which can attract the audience, fonts with creative style and essence can make a design look elegant and attractive at the same time. One such awesome element that adds tons of value is Calligraphy fonts, which are generally seen on wedding cards, invitational material etc.

In this article we have collected both free (19) and paid (11) calligraphy fonts, which can give you a headstart in your next design project. In many websites now, you will also see the effect of calligraphy fonts which are added with the html5 developments. In future articles we will feature some of those effects as well. But, for now just use these fonts and enjoy the awesomeness provided with these calligraphic creative fonts.

1. Young Love ES (Free)

2. Lamar Pen (Paid)


3. Champignon (Free)


4. The King & Queen (Free)


5. Burgues Script (Paid)


6. Chopin Script (Free)


7. Cygnet (Free)


8. Dom Loves Mary (Paid)


9. One Fell Swoop (Free)


10. Liberate Wide Normal (Free)


11. Hummingbird (Paid)


12. Porcelain (Free)


13. CalligraphyFLF (Free)


14. Aphrodite Slim Pro (Paid)


15. Kingthings Foundation (Free)


16. Always Pro (Paid)


17. Scriptina Pro (Free)


18. Kingthings Calligraphica (Free)


19. Windsong (Free)


20. Edwardian Script ITC (Paid)


21. Tangerine (Free)


22. Lainie Day (Free)


23. Perfumerie Script Pro (Paid)

24. Billy Argel Font (Free)


25. Hiatus (Paid)


26. Gothic Ultra OT (Free)


27. Corinthia Pro (Paid)


28. Selfish (Free)


29. Monte Carlo (Paid)


30. Arabella (Free)