The 10 Best WordPress Themes for Food Bloggers

It’s no surprise that blogging is considered to be one of the biggest and the highest money earning professions of today. Everywhere in the world, the number of bloggers is on the rise. More and more people are now jumping into this profession out of passion or as a hobby. When it comes to blogging specifically, food blogging is one of the most coveted fields of blogging and it is the most popular niche of blogging among all kind of audiences.

The love of food is the one love that brings us all together and unites us. This saying doesn’t just apply in the real world, but nowadays it suits every person’s preferences in the virtual world too. If you’re an aspiring food blogger who wishes to turn their passion into a full-time or a part-time profession by way of blogging, there are a lot of things that you need to look out for.

Like every other niche of blogging, food blogging too demands a lot of commitment, enthusiasm and most importantly consistency. The first step towards laying down the foundation for a successfully running blog is to find the basic theme which you would be following for your venture. What kind of food would you be reviewing? What kind of locations would you be covering? How would your personal style be? Would you be choosing to stick with a particular format? These are some of the questions that you need to answer before setting up your first food blog.

Other than the above questions, you need to decide on the set of graphics and themes that you will be chosen for setting up your blog. WordPress is the online market for website themes and offers the biggest selection of website themes for every niche. If you log on to WordPress, you will find a large collection of food blogging website themes for your food blog. It will indeed be difficult to make a selection out of such a large number of themes. To save you from this discomfort, we have selected some of our best Food blogging themes for you to choose from!

Go through this selection and we bet you’ll find a theme that you love!



The first theme of our selection is Gullvy, which is a flexibly designed and stylish WordPress theme curated especially for bloggers. Gullvy comes with an attractive set of layout options and crisp design schemes to choose from. This theme comes with a hamburger menu, which is excellent for those viewers who love to keep interacting visually. The first page offers an attractive variety of video cum picture displays. Sweet and Simple isn’t it? Any food blogger can very well use this theme to build an attractive and visually appealing food blog of their own. Priced at $49, this theme is worth every buck that you pay.

Check out – Gullvy theme preview



Piemont happens to be a very minimally designed theme, from the house of Magnium Themes. Piemont offers one of the largest arrays of layouts which are customizable according to the kind of posts that you plan to put up.  The slider of the front page offers an excellent opportunity to display a set of aesthetically enhanced photographs which you want your users to see when they visit your blog. Apart from this, the designers of this theme have embedded it with a set of marvelous graphics with fonts that can be customized as per your use and choice. Priced at $49, this theme is a good option for food bloggers.

Check out – PIEMONT theme preview



The Cookbook Food Magazine is a classic take on the usual food blogging themes that you will come across on WordPress. It is surely priced a bit on the higher side as compared to the other themes available on WordPress but its amazing features do make it worth a purchase. This theme has been widely used by some of the most successful food bloggers from all around the world. Thanks to its brilliant stature and its precise technique of design. Once a user visits a blog with this theme, they do not have to make much efforts to hover around which is considered to be a great quality as per user experience norms. Priced at $59, this theme is not just simple but evergreen.

Check out – COOKBOOK FOOD MAGAZINE theme preview



If you’re the kind of food enthusiast who prefers to review organic, healthy or agricultural food, this theme is just the perfect option for you. Hereford is a theme which has been designed exclusively for a class of audiences who love to have a taste of nature in all the visual content that they browse through. This theme imparts a feeling of freshness and greenery. The stunning theme template has a pretty solid and earthy feel to it. The vivid colors and the doodles which have been embedded as a part of the theme background make it a wonderful choice. The right aesthetics give this theme an amazing look! Priced at $59, you can purchase this theme on ThemeForest.

Check out – HEREFORD theme preview



Designed with a Mediterranian take, Sabroso is a great theme for aspiring food bloggers. This theme offers a subtle segmentation with abstract hints of black and white. The posts can be segregated in a manner similar to that of a daily journal. This theme has a simplistic vintage vibe around it and makes a good choice for those of you who prefer offering content in a simple and medieval manner. Priced at $49, this theme can be bought online on Themeforest, which is the biggest marketplace for WordPress themes in the world!

Check out – SABROSO theme preview



The one quality that separates this theme from all its other counterparts is its competitive pricing. The Grain & Knot Theme layout is excellent for those of you who do not wish to spend a major sum of money in purchasing a theme. Despite the comparatively low price, Grain & Knot offers all the features that are present in any competitive WordPress food blogging theme. Priced at $20, this theme is a great option regardless of the size and niche of your food blog.

Check out – GRAIN & KNOT theme preview


Rimi is a wonderfully designed theme with great technological and graphics features. Loaded with HTML5 & CSS3, this theme is a boon for every web developer and blogger owing to its great layout and graphical features. Rimi is a classic theme which offers the various options of customization including color correction, drag, and drops website build feature and it is also ready for translation. This theme comes with an inbuilt Google Adsense layout which will eliminate half of your hassles. The most prominent feature of this theme is its SEO friendly structure which can help you in the long run and boost your rankings significantly on leading search engines. Priced at $49, this theme can be purchased on Themeforest.

Check out – RIMI theme preview



Pico is a theme primarily designed for food and lifestyle bloggers. Priced at $39, this theme is loaded with numerous different features which make it a good choice. This theme offers both the options of the hamburger menu as well as a horizontal menu. This theme also offers the various layout options of Standard, Image, Recipe, Quote, Link, and even video, you can choose your preferred layout according to your convenience. With cursive fonts and minimal designing, this theme is a good option for those who love to keep it sophisticated and simple at the same time.

Check out – PICO theme preview



Designed primarily for Seafood restaurants and companies, this theme is now finding its way towards the food blogging industry. Thanks to its stunning features! This theme comes with an inbuilt visual composer which is proven to be better than the same old Elementor. One of its best features is its customized optimization for mobiles and tablets. It supports all the recent upgradations of WordPress and is completely optimized according to SEO. Priced at $49, this theme is definitely a great choice for bloggers as well as restaurants.

Check out – SEAFOOD theme preview



The last of our list, but definitely not the least, Sprout and Spoon is an attractive WordPress theme which comes with the dual functionality of responsiveness and great design. Sprout and Spoon is one of the highest selling food blog themes on Themeforest and it is currently being used by many bloggers from all around the world. This theme comes with a custom recipe card feature which is a novel way to read ingredients and browse through recipes. This theme comes with 7 different blog design layouts and 6 custom widgets, all of which are amazing. For $49, this theme is a perfect choice for all food bloggers.

Check out – SPROUT AND SPOON theme preview

We hope you enjoyed browsing through our selection of Food blogging themes!

Happy Blogging!

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