18 Creative Envelope and Letterhead Stationery Design Ideas

When you want to make a personal impression on someone, direct mail is the way to go. So much communication is handled through email these days that when you receive something significant in the mail, it makes a huge impact.

For that reason, the design of your mail isn’t something you can take for granted. Just printing your company’s name and address isn’t enough—you have to convey who you are and what you represent through branded elements.

Having trouble coming up with an idea? Here are 18 cool letterhead, envelope and stationery designs to help get you started.




Monterey Bay Academy


Massachusetts Institute of Technology




Tantra is Love


Portrait Experience


The Newton Method


369 Building Design


Anna Yeager


Simple Letterhead Design




Duonamic Socks


ThreeElement Logistics


Holy Innocents Parish


Greystone on Hudson


Sievert Electrical Contractors


Katowice Historical Museum


Seul Architectural Firm