Samsung Odyssey Ark spend $3,500 to get a Visual Upgrade

Samsung’s monstrous Odyssey Ark, a $3,500 55-inch curved gaming monitor, is selling today after a few weeks of being open for preorders.

And — rather shockingly, given how gaming launches have gone in the past few years — you may be able to walk into a store and buy one.

Even in landscape mode, the top of the screen is significantly taller than ordinary people’s. It could be you, but you’re making sensible and responsible financial decisions. But breaking the laws of nature and your budget could come with consequences.

With that said, we understand if you find yourself puzzling about how much you’d get for marketing your car and then trying to compute how you’d get the Ark’s undoubtedly massive box home. But maybe try to withstand the call of the vacuum on this one, at least until we’re able to check it properly — Samsung’s likewise outrageous 49-inch Odyssey G9 has seen a home on several editor’s desks, but this brings things to a perhaps excessive level.

To be clear, you should casually expend a month or two’s rent on a mini LED gaming monitor. That’s the extent of a decent TV. However, it discerns a little bit unfair that it could even be that effortless. There have been nine months of publicity building roughly the Odyssey Ark ever since CES 2022 entry, and it’s such a bonkers creation that it endures like you should need permission from someone to obtain it.

At the very least, your chiropractor should keep marking a note saying that you comprehend the risks of using a computer monitor qualified to tower entirely over you.

Despite Samsung’s upgrade of the Ark heavily biasing, displaying it in the cockpit mode, you preferred gaming in a landscape mode with a single source bringing up the whole screen. Using multi-view mode is excellent, though, in portrait or landscape mode, the screen’s curvature can make each piece of the screen take on a slight keystone effect, where some junctions look skewed.

Samsung includes two remotes with the Ark, one being a typical remote to regulate the fundamental functions and another more involved option called the Ark dial. A standalone command center puts the Ark’s main components (input select, power, volume, and game bar) on big buttons. In addition, there’s a rotatable dial and a directional pad to alter settings faster. There’s even a solar panel to restore it, so you don’t need to plug it in.

It will take much more testing to determine if something this huge in both price and size is worth it versus just purchasing an LG OLED TV and plopping it on your desk. However, one of those wouldn’t anchor with built-in Samsung’s Gaming Hub, which allows you to connect to game streaming assistance such as Xbox Cloud or GeForce Now Gaming without needing anything.

So instead, your monitor and some input device, though anybody purchasing the Ark, probably has a stunning beefy gaming design to go along with it.

So, check stock at your local Best Buys which are available for you may get one or two models available for today’s pickup.