Here’s How to Keep Safe During Your Summer Road Trip

road trip

This summer is already shaping up to be a lot different from last summer, with people finally able to get out more and spend time doing fun things with friends and family.

For this reason, many Americans are hitting the road for a long-overdue summer vacation, and thereís nothing like a cross-country road trip to cure that cabin fever once and for all!

But before you embark on what just may be the adventure of a lifetime, itís important to make sure you are taking safety precautions to help minimize your chances of on-the-road catastrophe in the form of breakdowns, car accidents, and more. Hereís your safety checklist to ensure that your road trip stays memorable for all the right reasons! 

Get a Check-Up

Whether the vehicle youíll be using for your trip is brand-spanking-new or has already seen its fair share of mileage, itís always a good idea to visit your local auto repair center for scheduled routine maintenance before you hit the road. Your auto technician will change your vehicleís oil, rotate the tires, check fluid levels and more to ensure that your car has a clean bill of health before the start of your road trip. Pro tip: make your auto check-up appointment for at least a week before your trip is scheduled to begin. That way if the mechanic uncovers an underlying issue, thereís time to get it fixed without wrecking your itinerary!

Get the Right Coverage

When youíre planning to drive cross-country, itís important to be sure you have the right amount of insurance to cover any unplanned event you might encounter. Getting into a car accident with an uninsured motorist and not having the adequate insurance to cover damages could spoil a lot more than just your vacation. Make sure you have a comprehensive auto insurance plan (and the number of a good unpaid insurance claim attorney, just in case) before hitting the road.

Keep People Posted

Whether your ideal summer road trip is a tightly-planned itinerary or a loose, spontaneous free-for-all, itís still important to check in regularly with friends and family back home. Not only is it fun to keep everyone updated on your latest road trip adventures, but it is also important to let people know where you are and where youíre headed for practical reasons. Giving loved ones at least a rough idea of your route and your expected return date can help alert them to possible emergencies, such as car accidents or mechanical breakdowns, if they donít hear from you for a while. 

Refrain from distractions

Cell phones are a huge distraction, limit your use with them and keep your attention on the road. Loud music, bad weather, and your passengers can cause a distracted driving accident so be cognizant of the road and the driving conditions. Safety is the most important part of your road trip!

We hope you savor the sweet taste of freedom that a road trip can offer you and your travel companions. By keeping these road trip safety tips in mind, youíre in for the summer vacation of a lifetime!