Reasons to Invest More in OTT advertising in 2021

OTT advertising

Over-the-top (OTT) content is continuing to grow in popularity among viewers all over the world. Marketers and advertisers are focusing their attention on OTT advertising as it offers multiple benefits over and compared to linear TV commercials and even other types of digital media. What are these benefits and why is investing in video advertising is a winning solution in 2021?

Advantages of OTT advertising strategy

We bet you already know what is OTT advertising, and if you want to dive deeper into this topic, you can learn more here. Today we’d like to focus on the benefits that video advertising on CTV offers and explain to you why investing in it in 2021 is always a good idea.

The audience

Unlike traditional TV, OTT content is consumed mainly by younger and wealthier audiences which offer higher rates of engagement. This audience is more likely to be interested in your message, thanks to the up-and-coming careers and earning potential of these demographics.

Completion rates

Completion rates for OTT advertising are high and can reach up to 98%. OTT ads are typically unskippable as well as being short and informative. Therefore, there is a good chance that the viewer will not only watch your ad from the beginning to the end, but  will also engage with  it, given that CTV audiences are likely to be more responsive than other demos.

Advanced targeting

The viewers that see your ads are not chosen by chance. OTT targeting is very precise, thanks to the data-driven nature of the platform. Every advertiser can target consumers according to their viewing habits based on the data collected by analytical tools. This makes it possible to reach viewers who are unlikely to be targeted via traditional advertising practices.


OTT advertising platforms provide a number of tools for data control in order to provide detailed analytical reports. You will not only know your audience demographics but track what and when your viewers watch, along with what devices they use. In other words – you can get a full picture of the way people consume advertising content. This makes targeting even more specific.


This is something traditional TV won’t ever provide. With the help of attribution features, advertisers always know whether people saw the ad, track if they clicked the link and proceeded to the website and how much time they spent there. This sort oftracking may be done despite the device viewers used.

OTT is not annoying

We may even say that people have gotten used to OTT advertising and sometimes they may even anticipate what the next ad will bring. Thanks to the plethora of targeting and addressation tools available on CTV, ads are more likely to be relevant and may offer valuable products or content. Moreover, OTT ads are brief and catchy and there is even a countdown on the screen so the viewer knows exactly how long it will last, which is usually not more than two minutes.

The takeaways

It’shard to overestimate the advantages of OTT advertising. Not only does it raise brand awareness in a way hard to match by linear TV, it contains a multiple for tools for advertisers to create truly effective campaigns. Advertisers just need to use these tools to their fullest make ads as creative and captivating as possible keeping up with the latest marketing trends. Knowing the specifics of your target audience will help you get the most out of your OTT advertising campaign and always keep the viewers engaged.